Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office oversees student academic records, registration and enrollment. Students may interact with the Registrar’s Office in the following ways:

Goddard graduates and former students may contact us for the following:

Recipients of Goddard transcripts or other student enrollment information are welcome to contact us with questions.

Goddard College’s academic records are as unique as its academic programs – and the students who come to school here. At most colleges and universities, academic records consist of lists of courses taken and grades received. At Goddard, each student has a file full of narrative evaluations documenting that student’s learning and growth. These evaluations are written by faculty advisors. When a student requests a transcript, these records are compiled into a document that tells the reader far more than a list of courses and grades ever could. A Goddard transcript tells the reader something about who the student is as a learner and as a person, what the student’s academic interests and passions are, what they learned, and even how they learn best.

Josh Castle

Annette Fitzgerald
Enrollment and Records Administrator

Jessica Giles
Enrollment and Records Administrator