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Welcome to Goddard College

Robert P. Kenny

Robert P. Kenny

At Goddard you will encounter a unique learning environment: you will be encouraged to pursue your passions and be supported by expert faculty and dedicated staff. You will complete a bachelor’s or a master’s degree with an individualized program of study that integrates personal interests, professional commitments, and creative aspirations.

Goddard programs engage students in learning that is personally meaningful and socially responsive. Each person who comes to Goddard College enters a collaborative community that is committed to achieving academic excellence, deepening intellectual curiosity and developing the skills needed to promote social justice.

Goddard is nationally and internationally recognized for its leadership in educational innovation, its deep commitment to the ideals of democracy and for its active efforts to live consciously as stewards of the earth.

I invite you to learn about Goddard where throughout its history our graduates have been making a difference in their professions and communities. I hope you will consider the opportunities that Goddard offers you to connect your interests with our vibrant academic community.

Wishing you all the best,

Robert P. Kenny

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