Pandemic Theater? A Goddard Playwright Adjusts

Jake Shore’s newest play, Adjust The Procedure, is a work for the times. Held over a Zoom call, the four character play takes place within the bureaucratic infrastructure of a university.

The summary:

It’s early Fall 2020 and the pandemic consumes a Manhattan university. In addition to tracking rising cases of COVID on campus, the school’s administrators face immigration problems, suicide threats, and professors losing their minds. But in the midst of all the madness, it’s the internal bureaucratic battles that threaten the school’s preservation. Over the course of two conflict-ridden Zoom meetings, Adjust the Procedure gives audiences a rare peek into the business of higher education at a moment of multiple reckonings.

– From Adjust the Procedure promotion

“A couldn’t-be-more-timely play.” wrote Derek McCracken, critic for BroadwayWorld.

JCS Theater Company (in association with Spin Cycle) presented the World Premiere of Adjust the Procedure, in February 2021.

“I don’t think I would’ve liked, never mind loved, any other MFA in Creative Writing program. Goddard’s low-residency model was perfect for me.” said Shore, who graduated from the MFA in Creative Writing program in 2012.

What sticks with Shore most about his Goddard experience? “Meeting incredible people. The whole experience of going to campus, and I think prior to that feeling like an outsider. Not knowing what I was going to do with my writing.”

Jake Shore teaches English at St. Joseph College in Brooklyn. He has been participating in the New York theater scene since 2012.

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