Creative Writing

Goddard College offers the nation’s first low-residency MFA in Creative Writing and first and only low-residency BFA in creative writing.

We believe in the power of your imagination. Since 1976, when Goddard College launched the nation’s first low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program, we have provided an enduring creative home for writers like you. Our goal is to help you find, refine, and share your words with the world.

Unlike conventional Master of Fine Arts programs, we welcome writers in a variety of genres, including libretto, television writing, and the graphic novel, as well as creative nonfiction, poetry, dramatic writing, fiction, speculative fiction, and hybrid forms.

Kareem Fahmy

The Bachelor of Fine Arts community values experimentation and encourages students to write in ways that might be new for them. BFA students design a program wherein they write in two genres (poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, drama, hybrid forms), study works across eras and cultures, become acquainted with literary theory, write on the ethics of being a writer, and compile a senior study which contains a creative manuscript and critical writing that puts their work in context.

In the Individualized Master of Arts, the Transformative Language Arts Concentration draws upon creative writing, storytelling, songwriting, drama, performance, as well as other forms of written and oral communication, that contribute to naming and honoring individual and community experience, perceptions, voice and vision.

In our low-residency model, each semester you work one-on-one with a professional writer who is an expert in the genre you are most passionate about. Whether you are new to writing or have spent decades developing your creative voice, we are prepared to support your work.

Creative Writing Degree Options

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Individualized Master of Arts with a Transformative Language Arts Concentration

Low-Residency Model

The low-residency model removes the barriers between living your life and learning. Each semester begins with an eight-day residency in Vermont or Washington. Residencies offer seminars, meetings with your advising groups, workshops, one-on-one meetings with an advisor, and presentations. You will also connect with faculty, practitioners, activists, and artists, and your fellow students.

Following the residency, students return home for 16 weeks of independent work in close collaboration with a faculty advisor.

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Students in the MFA in Creative Writing Program may choose to attend residencies in either:

When you apply, you’ll select one of these two sites for the duration of your studies.

Goddard College programs operating in Washington State are authorized by the Washington Student Achievement Council. For more information, please refer to Accreditation and Approvals.

Students in the BFA in Creative Writing Program and the Individualized Master of Arts will study on Goddard’s historic main campus in Plainfield, Vermont.