Undergraduate Studies

Individualized Bachelor of Arts, including a concentration in:

BA in Education, including study options in:

BA in Health Arts & Sciences, including a concentration in:

BA in Psychology

BA in Sustainability

BFA in Creative Writing, including a concentration in:

BFA in Socially Engaged Art, including a concentration in:

Graduate Studies

Individualized Master of Arts, including concentrations in:

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, including concentrations in:

MA in Education, including study options in:

MA in Health Arts & Sciences, including concentrations in:

MA in Psychology, including concentrations in:

MA in Social Innovation & Sustainability, including concentrations in:

MFA in Creative Writing

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, including concentrations in:

The Low-Residency Model

The low-residency model removes the barriers between living your life and learning. Each semester begins with an eight-day residency in Vermont or Washington. Each residency offers seminars, meetings with your advising groups, workshops, one-on-one meetings with an advisor, and presentations. You will also connect with faculty, practitioners, activists, and artists, and your fellow students.

Following the residency, students return home for 16 weeks of independent work in close collaboration with a faculty advisor and/or course mentors.

Individualized Degrees

Together with faculty advisors, students consider study ideas, program content, personal and professional goals, and what they might do to achieve their goals. This low-residency and individualized model combines a strong sense of community with personalized learning.

Over the semester, the exchanges between student and advisor create a dialogue that is exceptionally rich, reflective, and holistic. Out of this comes learning that is transformative and empowering. At the end of the semester, students and advisors write comprehensive evaluations of the student’s work.