Academic Calendar Information

Printable Residency Dates Handout: 2017, 2018, 2019

Each of Goddard’s programs and residency options have a unique calendar that includes residency, registration, commencement, and semester dates. When looking for application deadlines or residency dates, it is important to also pay attention to the residency site option.

The first day of the residency is the first day of the semester for any given program or residency option.  The academic portion of a Goddard semester is 17 weeks long, although the semester dates may be longer if the semester includes a summer and/or winter break and the length of the break.

Current faculty, staff, and students can access the program-specific dates and deadlines handouts in the Academic Center area on GoddardNet.

Goddard has rolling admissions for all its programs.  For further information, visit our Admissions page or submit an Information Request Form.

For assistance with the academic calendar, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at

Academic calendar dates are subject to change.


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