Social Media Policy

Goddard College respects the right of any employee to maintain a blog or web page or to participate in a social networking via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media channels. However, to protect the College interests and ensure employees focus on their job duties, employees must adhere to the following guidelines: 

Representing the College or its Programs 

  1. Goddard College representation on online social media platforms shall be authorized through the Office of the Dean of Enrollment and External Affairs.
  2. Individuals wishing to create social media accounts for any Goddard program, department, or initiative may do so only with the approval of the Office of the Dean of Enrollment and External Affairs. Individuals wishing to create official Goddard accounts must:
    • Identify the purpose the account will serve and its intended audience, and explain how existing accounts cannot serve that purpose.
    • Have at least one dedicated employee whose job responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operation of the account, so that the account does not become inactive or inaccessible. 
  3.  Failure to gain approval prior to establishing an account may result in the removal of the social media account.
  4. Although various programs, offices or departments of the College may be given permission to operate their own social media channels, all Goddard College social media accounts are a voice for the college.
    •  Units must provide the names of social media account administrators as well as their phone numbers and email addresses.
    •  Units must also provide account login information – including username, email and password – in a timely manner. This information will be kept confidential and used for access during emergency situations.
    • Before posting on social accounts that act as the “voice” of the College, its programs, departments or offices, please consult the Office of the Dean of Enrollment and External Affairs for proper messaging.
  5. Any existing websites, pages and social media accounts that represent Goddard College are reviewed routinely and may be amended or, when necessary, removed.
  6. The Office of the Dean of Enrollment and External Affairs, through the staff in the Advancement department, oversees the Goddard College presence on key social networking sites and shall evaluate whether to launch a presence on new sites should they become available.
  7. Goddard College does not prescreen posted content, but shall have the right to remove, in its sole discretion, any content it considers to violate these guidelines.
  8. Goddard College will not tolerate content that infringes on proprietary information, or that is defamatory, pornographic, harassing, libelous or inhospitable to a reasonable work environment on its social media channels.
  9. The College does not permit explicit or implied institutional endorsements of any kind through the use of its names, trademarks, logos or images — including pictures of campus buildings.
  10. Use of the Goddard College logo and other visual assets, including images and videos, is not permitted without written permission from the Dean of Enrollment and External Affairs, or the dean’s designate.

Guidelines on Conduct 

  1. All rules regarding confidential and proprietary information apply in full to blogs, web pages, social networking, Twitter and similar sites. Any information that cannot be disclosed through a conversation, a note or an e-mail also cannot be disclosed in a blog, web page, social networking, Twitter or similar site.
  2. Whether an employee is posting something on his or her own blog, web page, social networking, Twitter or similar site or on someone else’s, if the employee mentions the College and also expresses either a political opinion or an opinion regarding the College’s actions, the poster must make clear that he/she is speaking on his/her own behalf and not as a spokesperson for the College. The poster should specifically state that the opinion expressed is his/her personal opinion and not the College’s position. This is necessary to preserve the College’s good will in the marketplace.  
  3. Any conduct that is impermissible under the law if expressed in any other form or forum is impermissible if expressed through a blog, web page, social networking, Twitter or similar site.  
  4. Goddard College encourages all employees to keep in mind the speed and manner in which information posted on a blog, web page, and/or social networking site is received and often misunderstood by readers. Employees must use their best judgment. Employees with any questions should review the guidelines above and/or consult with their manager.
  5. When posting content to official Goddard social media channels, and particularly when serving as an administrator to an official Goddard channel, do not comment on other institutions or legal matters.
  6. It is likely that people will post negative comments on your social media outlet, but you should respond to them professionally. Be respectful of others’ opinions and do not suppress disagreement. Use it as an opportunity to correct misinformation and turn a negative into a positive.

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