Wendy Phillips, PhD

Core Faculty

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to honor the unique aspects of each student including their academic interests, their strengths and their gifts, their priorities, and all they have learned and received through their unique lived experiences. I believe that it is important to “meet the student where they are”, to support them and Accompany them as they move along their educational path, offering guidance and sharing suggestions, resource materials, and my experiences from my perspective as an experienced clinician and researcher.


PhD in Psychology Sciences, Georgia State University
MA in Psychology, Georgia State University

Additional Study/Credentials

  • Research Specialization and training in Neuropsychological Evaluation of Children and Adults
  • Credentialed Practitioner and Instructor in Embodied Imagination Dreamwork, a Practice developed by Jungian Analyst, Robert Bosnak
  • Advanced study with Dr. Susana Rotbard in Imaginal Therapy of Dynamic Elements, a practice informed by psychoanalysis and the arts
  • Certificate – Summer Intensive in Jungian Psychology, C.J. Jung Institut, Kusnacht, Switzerland

Areas of Expertise

  • Dimensions of Identity Theory as developed by Tracy Robinson Wood
  • Community-Based work in the Latinx and African American communities
  • Psychotherapeutic work with individuals who have had interfaces with the immigration and criminal court systems, group work with African American boys as an aspect of a cultural education program

Meaningful Action in the World

My work is integrated into my work in the world based in my decisions about where I work and for whom I offer education and training Currently these include the African American Community and the Latinx immigrant community in Atlanta, Georgia, and collaborative teaching and projects with colleagues in Oaxaca Mexico, and in Matanzas, Cuba.

Pronouns: She, Her

Languages: Spanish (Fluent speaker, reader, and writer)


Phillips, W.E. Producer “A Sense of Connection” Documentary film by Tony Romero TRM Movies about African American Artist Activists and Community Workers in Atlanta, Georgia and Afro-Descended Artist Activists in Spain. Madrid. 2020.

Romero, T. Director, Phillips, W. Assistant Director “N-95” A documentary film in process about the lived experiences of persons of African and LatinX descent during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Phillips, W.E. “La Envidia: An Illness Manifest at the Level of the Community Body” Anthropology of Consciousness, 2021

Phillips, W.E. “Restaurante El Coroncoro: A Perpetual Traditional Indigenous African Altar Space in Cartagena, Columbia”. Manuscript under review.

Dave el Alfarero: Ceramista y Poeta, y Esclavo.  Dave the Potter: Ceramicist, Poet, and Slave. Buenos Aires: FEPAL Latin American Psychoanalytic Association 2016

TR Movies (2015) “Pelo Duro”,  (“Tough Hair”) Contributed Artwork and Interview to Documentary Film in Collaboration with Tony Romero Movies, Avila, Spain about Afro-descended people, hair, and identity.

Phillips, W.E. (2012) “Double Personality: The Relationship Between Human and Animal Tono in Chautengo, Guerrero, Mexico in 2005. Anthropology of Consciousness 23:158-174.

Phillips, W.E. (2010) “Elegua in La Costa Chica of Guerrero, Mexico: The Persistence of  Traditional Indigenous African Beliefs in an Afromestizo Community”. Dialogo 13:42-48.

Phillips W. E. (2008).  XI Encuentro de pueblos negros: No mas invisibles. “9th encounter of black towns: No longer invisible. Dialogo, 11, 40-43.

Phillips, W.E. (2008). The black body in Mexican visual art: Evidence of an African presence, or a cultural myth? Journal of Black Studies, 39, 761-785.

Phillips, W.E. (2005). La Quinceanera: Ritual roots transcending borders. Dialogo, 9, 42-43.

wendy.phillips@goddard.edu Website

Affiliation BA Psychology
MA Psychology