Wendy Phillips, PhD

Affiliated Faculty

Wendy Phillips is a psychologist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her approach to psychotherapy is informed by  Embodied Imagination and Dreamwork,  Systems Theory, Community Based Interventions, and Dimensions of Identity Theory as articulated by theorist Tracy Robinson Wood.


PhD in Psychology, Georgia State University
MA in Psychology, Georgia State University

Areas of Expertise

  • Culturally Relevant and Meaningful Psychotherapy
  • Dimensions of Identity Theory per Tracy Robinson Wood
  • Cross-Generational Projection of Trauma and relevant Psychotherapeutic Interventions
  • Embodied Imagination and Dreamwork

Personal Statement

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist. My clinical work is informed by theories of community-based and culturally relevant psychotherapy, Dimensions of Identity Theory as developed by Tracy Robinson Wood, and Embodied Imagination and Dreamwork practice and theory as developed by Robert Bosnnak and Jill Fisher. I am interested in cross-generational projection of trauma and the ways trauma disrupts relationships transpersonally as well as in relationships in the “here and now” . I am particularly interested in cross-generational projection of trauma in relation to  African Americans’ historical experiences in  slavery and subsequent violence beginning during Reconstruction. I have been exploring clinical approaches that are relevant and meaningful to this population including Embodied Imagination and Dreamwork and ritual practices.  I am also interested in the research in epigenetics that predicts the development of factors that promote resilience in future generations. 


Affiliation BA Psychology
MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling
MA Psychology