Frederick Tutman, MA

Affiliated Faculty

Teaching Philosophy

I am a lifelong experiential/first hand learner and have a history of deriving meaning and value from a busy personal and professional life in order to achieve self-actualization and a sense of continuity with one’s own purpose in life. I also think of life as a painter’s canvas we add to throughout our lives using what artistry we can.


  • MA, Media Management and Applied Communications, Beacon College, Boston, MA

Additional Studies/Credentials

  • Juris Doctorate (Law) Studies at Dave A. Clarke School of Law, Washington, DC
  • Accredited Mediator, Calvert County Community Mediation Center; 100+ hours of training & day of trial mediation experience

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental Policy and Environmental Law
  • ADR/Conflict Resolution
  • Media Relations and Production
  • Fire Fighting/Emergency Response
  • Agriculture/Farming

Meaningful Action in the World

I have pursued a lifetime of inquiry, adventure and direct experience in many realms and in search of personal truth. I think I have distilled a life’s journey that reflects my deepest beliefs and values with respect to love and reverence for the environment and nature, plus the need to fill life with useful and meaningful work combined with a humanitarian interest in people and places. Generally, I seek to solve interesting and challenging problems, while seeking deeper and more profound connections to the world.

Pronouns: He, Him, His

Affiliation Goddard Graduate Institute
Individualized Master of Arts
MA Social Innovation & Sustainability

Location Plainfield, Vermont