Richard Schramm retired from the faculty of the Sustainable Business & Communities Program (now the MA in Social Innovation and Sustainability Program in the Goddard Graduate Institute) in February of 2013. He spent much of his career as a faculty member and administrator in higher education. His teaching and research has focused largely on building the capacity of local governments, non-profit organizations, cooperative enterprises and small businesses to plan and create vital and sustainable communities.


PhD in Economics, Carnegie Mellon University
MS in Economics, Carnegie Mellon University
BS in Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
AB in Philosophy, Dartmouth College

Personal Statement

Linking higher education institutions and the larger community has also been a continuing interest for me. I founded and directed the Tufts University Management and Community Development Institute (1983-90), and helped establish and direct the Goddard College Business Institute (1993-95) and the University of Vermont – Burlington Community Outreach Partnership Center (1999-2003), to support community and cooperative development organizations and socially and environmentally responsible businesses. I coupled these efforts with increasing use of experiential education (“service-learning”) to help students ground their classroom learning and discover a lot about themselves, organizations and communities in the process.

At home, I have served on nonprofit and cooperative business boards (Valley Food and Farms, Hanover Food Cooperative, Local First Alliance, Woodstock Economic Development Commission) and enjoyed life in Vermont since 1991. I have four children and seven grandchildren, love hiking and conversations, and am active in my local UU Church.