“Climate Restoration through Regenerative Land Management” With Visiting Scholars/Goddard Alumni Adam Sacks and Jed Katch of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

Conventional wisdom about global warming focuses on reducing emissions, yet that’s not enough.  Excess atmospheric carbon is a serious problem, but a root cause is massive destruction of Earth’s ecosystems.  If we ended all emissions now, the excess atmospheric carbon dioxide would still be dangerously overheating the planet.  On the other hand, with regenerative land management and agriculture in particular, farmers work with nature to restore healthy microbial soils, fostering vibrant biodiversity, healthy water cycles, and substantial carbon drawdown.  Adam and Jed (Goddard ’68) from Biodiversity for a Livable Climate will discuss the science and practice behind this connection to the land, and will introduce plans for students to intern on farms that are establishing regenerative practices.  These internships can provide real world experience for those who want to learn how life-affirming and environmentally-restorative our land management practices can be.  

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Adam Sacks, Executive Director.  Adam has had careers in education, holistic medicine, computer technology, politics and advocacy.  For five years he directed a non-profit that worked with communities invoking basic democratic and constitutional principles to oppose detrimental local corporate activity.  He has been a climate activist since 1999 and has been studying and writing about Holistic Management since 2007. On the side he is an artist, writer and student of classical piano.  His primary goal is regeneration of biodiversity and a livable planet. 



Jed Katch, Director of Education.  Jed holds a Ph. D. in Developmental and Educational Psychology from the University of Chicago and an M. Ed. in Special Education from Boston University.  He has taught in grades K-12, college, and graduate school programs. Jed specializes in connecting student interests with real world activities. At Bio4Climate, he is working to create opportunities for young environmental activists to combine their interests in eco-restoration with gaining academic credit in schools and in higher education.

Tuesday, February 4, 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm, Haybarn Theatre

Free and open to the public.

Sponsored by the Undergraduate Studies Program.

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