Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy


Undergraduate Students

You may apply to transfer up to 75 semester hour credits toward a Goddard undergraduate degree. This can be a combination of credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities, Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, and College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations.

Goddard awards credit in semester hours, and a full semester of undergraduate study is equal to 15 semester hours. If a transcript presents credit in quarter hours, the following formula is used to convert to semester hours:

[Total Quarter Hours] X 2/3 = [Total Semester Hours]. Fractions are rounded down to the nearest whole number.

To qualify for transfer, credit must meet the following criteria:

You must submit official transcripts for all previous study when applying to a Goddard BA or BFA program. A transcript is only official when it is sent directly to the Goddard Admissions Office from the issuing institution, or when it is issued to the student in a sealed envelope. The Admissions Office must receive official copies of all transcripts carrying possible transfer credit by the last day of your first residency. An exception to this deadline is only granted if your transcript is from a foreign college or university, or from an institution that no longer exists, or if there is some other factor that is out of your control. If you owe money to a former school, please address this balance; official transcripts from former schools must be submitted prior to enrolling at Goddard.

Ninety (90) Credit Exception: In very rare circumstances, an undergraduate student may enroll with 90 semester hours of transfer credit, and therefore complete a Goddard bachelor’s degree in two full-time semesters. Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

Regional Accreditation

Regional accreditation means accreditation by one of the following bodies (or a non-U.S. equivalent):

To learn more about accreditation in the U.S. and abroad, visit the U.S. Department of Education’s web page.

International Schools

Transcripts from institutions outside of the United States and presented in a language other than English must be evaluated by one of the three approved agencies listed below. These agencies specialize in translating international credits into Carnegie units, the system used in the United States to assess collegiate attainment.

Graduate Students

Credit for relevant prior graduate study at another institution may be accepted for students in all Goddard graduate programs, with the following criteria:

Submit an official transcript to the Admissions Office. With your application for admission, include a petition explaining how your previous graduate credit supports your proposed Goddard degree and how that credit addresses Goddard degree criteria. The program director, in consultation with program faculty members and the registrar, will determine which credits, if any, will be accepted. The last day to submit your transcript for consideration is the last day of your first Goddard residency.