Graduate studies and licensure for TILA alumni

Teacher Institute at La Academia (TILA) and Goddard College are pleased to announce an exciting organizational partnership. This innovative partnership offers Teacher Institute at La Academia educators the opportunity to earn a MA in Education and/or Vermont Teacher Licensure (which can be transferred to Colorado). In addition, TILA educators who participate in this partnership program are able to reduce the number of credits needed to complete the Goddard graduate program.

How the partnership works

If you completed the TILA Program, you are eligible to enroll to complete your MA in Education at Goddard or obtain licensure in reduced time!  Currently enrolled TILA students can incorporate TILA completed coursework into their studies at Goddard.  Please contact an admissions counselor to discuss your unique situation.

Goddard’s low-residency approach to education is designed to create transformative opportunities for both the individual educator and the educational work place. Students enrolling to complete their MA in Education can do so at the college’s main campus in Plainfield, VT or the Seattle, WA site. Students enrolling to obtain licensure (with or without completing the MA in Education program) can only do so at the College’s Plainifeld, VT campus.  Licensure is not available at the Seattle, WA site.

Low-Residency Education

Low-residency education offers the best of what distance education, online programs, and traditional campus-learning offer: you will have the flexibility to study from home while also being a part of a living, breathing community of learners, faculty, staff and alumni – the larger community of Goddard College.

The progressive pedagogy at Goddard encourages students to pursue areas of unique interest that contribute to the global community and the earth through holistic and multidisciplinary approaches to learning.

Contact an admissions counselor today at 800.906.8312 or request more information here.