Community College of Philadelphia Transfer Agreement

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Information for graduates of the Community College of Philadelphia

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Students who graduate from the Community College of Philadelphia’s A.A. in English with Creative Writing Certificate are guaranteed admissions into Goddard College’s B.F.A. in Creative Writing degree program.

About the BFA in Creative Writing

Study fiction, poetry, memoir and nonfiction, and hybrid forms in the first low-residency BFA program in the country. You may seek a sole vocation in writing, or integrate your creative writing into professions such as psychology, social work, library science or education. With the BFA in Creative Writing, you may also go on to pursue graduate work in creative writing, literature, or professional writing.

Learn more about the BFA in Creative Writing.

Transfer Grants for Creative Writing Students

  1. All Community College of Philadelphia students who earn the A.A. in English with Creative Writing Certificate and enroll at Goddard will receive the $1,000 Partnership Grant, distributed across the first two semesters of enrollment at Goddard ($500 each semester).
  2. For the academic year beginning Spring 2016, Goddard College will commit additional funds to award $2,500 continuing annual award to five Community College of Philadelphia students who earn the A.A. in English with Creative Writing Certificate and have demonstrated financial need.
  3. Additionally, Community College of Philadelphia students applying to Goddard’s BFA in Creative Writing will be eligible for a one-time $1,000 Engaged Arts Award. Engaged Artist Awards are granted to students who have a demonstrated record of publication and community engagement.

Learn more about the transfer agreement and grants for Community College of Philadelphia graduates by contacting an admissions counselor at 800.906.8312, writing to or by completing an online inquiry form.

How to Apply

Undergraduate Study at Goddard College

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