Department: Academic Affairs

Reports to: Associate Academic Dean

Classification: Full time, exempt

Pay Scale: $65,000

Basic Function

The Assistant Academic Dean will work closely with faculty and decanal staff to manage ongoing academic needs related to resource allocation (faculty costs, use of technology), degree program development/implementation, faculty development, and annual review. The Assistant Academic Dean will collaborate with program faculty to create program operation efficiencies, budget planning, and communicate existing and emerging needs across their degree tracks. The Assistant Academic Dean will facilitate the development of the academic vision and integrity of the degrees, with the participation of the faculty, to carry out the College’s mission and strategic academic goals, with particular attention to broadening and deepening the curricular, racial/ethnic, and demographic diversity of the degree tracks.

This position requires ability and prowess with student/faculty relations, academic integrity issues, and curricular coverage of the degrees. The Assistant Academic Dean participates in the planning processes related to the growth, quality, and evolution of college degrees, goals and outcomes, and the College faculty. In collaboration with other Assistant Academic Deans, and decanal staff the Assistant Academic Dean will ensure high-quality educational experiences for students in all programs by way of developing, promoting and supporting the extensive use of innovative and effective instructional models, methods, and practices that yield evidence of student learning-centered teaching excellence; supports the implementation and integration of rigorous and ongoing assessment via feedback loops to improve learning outcomes; supports the academic success of diverse learners and faculty members; and oversees, designs and maintains academic-related technology platforms, organizational infrastructures, and policies to support learners in remote and in-person learning spaces.

Characteristics Duties & Responsibilities

Academic coherence and integrity

●             In collaboration with Decanal staff and other program leadership, such as core faculty and others, to define and promote culturally responsive teaching and adhere to the Circle of Councils’ Social Justice Statement. Work with their program faculty to implement and adapt the College’s understanding of culturally responsive teaching to the degree context and requirements.

●             On a regular basis, undertake internal communications to program students and faculty to ensure they are informed about program expectations and standards, using various media.

●             Work with faculty to ensure the academic integrity of the program, the vision of where the program is headed and the development of new initiatives, including:

○             Confer with Associate Academic Dean (AAD) and Chief Academic Officer (CAO) to define and refine long-term goals as defined by the strategic plan

○             Lead, as a part of the regular program review process, the review/revision of program mission/vision statements to ensure alignment with College Mission and Strategic Plan

○             Lead and provide counsel for the program degree requirements review process, providing written documentation as needed

○             Participate in the development of new academic policies and procedures (program-specific and/or college-wide) in collaboration with the Academic Affairs Office (AAO)

○             Work with Academic Affairs Office(AAO) staff and core faculty to undertake annual review of relevant program addenda

Student Support

●             Assist students in connecting with appropriate offices and staff when they need resources and/or assistance

●             Work with program faculty and Community Life staff to manage student retention issues, keeping the AAD informed as needed

●             Collaborate with other Assistant Academic Deans to ensure consistency of processes, policy implementation, and student satisfaction reviews across programs

Admissions, Program Outreach, and Marketing

●             Participate and consult on marketing initiatives, as requested by the Marketing team in consultation with AAD.

●             Collaborate with faculty to identify and recommend partnerships to fit with program and college degree requirements

●             Participate in outreach events, in consultation with AAD and Admissions Office

●             Collaborate with Admissions on student recruitment and admissions processes


●             Utilize spreadsheets for the purpose of analyzing trends and making decisions; Provide input on the development and management of the annual program budget that takes into account curricular, programmatic, and diversity needs

●             Manage operational budgets for assigned Learning communities in consultation with the Associate Academic Dean. Faculty travel; guest speakers for residencies; program-specific expenses like those related to the BFAW literary journal and/or EDU licensures expenses

College-wide Leadership

●             Participate in Academic & Community Life Team (ACL) and program academic leader meetings.

●             Knowledge of the Faculty CBA, Student Handbooks/Program Addenda, and College Policies

Faculty/Student Relations

●             Discuss and mediate conflicts between faculty and students; provide support and consultation to the AAD and/or the Assistant Academic Dean of Community Life in investigating and resolving conflict.

●             Keep the AAD and/or the Assistant Academic Dean of Community Life apprised of potential and active issues of concern around student/faculty interactions, and known interpersonal conflicts; support students and faculty during such issues, as appropriate.

●             Inform the AAD of potential and active issues of plagiarism that are beyond the teachable moment scope and may involve loss of credit and/or withdrawal

●             Provide support for students on leaves, extensions, and who are seeking readmittance to the College to support their success

●             Work with program faculty and Community Life staff to manage student retention issues, keeping the AAD informed as needed.

●             Participate in Title IX processes as an Advocate or Advisor, with training.

Program Development/New Initiatives

●             Work with faculty to develop academic change and new initiative proposals

●             Work with AAD to submit proposals to the Academic Review Process

●             Participates in strategic planning initiatives in collaboration with decanal staff

●             Employs data informed decision making.

●             Monitors and evaluates programmatic effectiveness through quantitative, qualitative, and other methods and implements changes required for improvement.

Faculty Support

●             Provide program orientation, faculty expectations, and ongoing coaching to new faculty members

●             Consult with program faculty for identifying ongoing professional development needs

●             Discuss and mediate conflicts between and among faculty; provide support and consultation to the AAD and/or HR in investigating and resolving conflicts.

●             Organize semester faculty meetings

●             Collaborate with the AAD in creating and managing the annual core faculty service plans

●             Advisement around Leaves, Withdrawals, and Extensions

●             Work with faculty to update annual curricular and diversity report

●             Using student enrollment information from Admissions and the Registrar, student retention information from program faculty, create a faculty coverage plan in consultation with the AAD and determine affiliated faculty needs

●             Participate in new faculty hiring processes led by the AAD, including the development/revision of job descriptions, position postings, and facilitation of search committees.   

●             Assign students to faculty advisors/course mentors and second readers              

Residency Planning & Support  

●             Coordinate the planning and facilitation of pre-residency and residency faculty meetings             

●             Conceptualize the curricular aspects of the residency in collaboration with faculty            

●             Coordinate commencement planning with graduating students

Other related work as assigned by the Associate Academic Dean             

Supervision Received    

Supervision is received from the Associate Academic Dean         

Supervision Exercised   

Assistant Academic Dean supervises all faculty in their assigned degree programs and Learning Communities.   

Minimum Qualifications               

●             Earned doctorate with strong evidence of excellence in an area(s) consistent with the educational initiatives and strategic goals. Doctoral degree and five years of demonstrated record of excellence in higher education administration preferred.           

●             Demonstrated excellence in program leadership and other relevant academic administrative functions, specifically successful budget management, conflict resolution, and faculty hiring and evaluation.            

●             Ability to work collaboratively and independently            

●             Demonstrated ability as a creative thinker and problem solver  

●             Demonstrated success analyzing budget and other complex data sets for assessment, evaluation, and planning, using statistical models and applications (e.g., Excel)   

●             Experience with the College’s online and digital platforms (e.g., Canvas, Google apps; Zoom; WordPress; etc.) and/or a willingness to learn new technology          

●             Demonstrated competence working with diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and racial/ethnic backgrounds of students, faculty, staff and community

●             Exemplary written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills           

●             Demonstrated ability to exercise judgment and confidentiality in matters of the College  

Application Instructions           

  • Submit a Letter of Interest, which provides for how your work, professional development, or experiences responds to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Submit any relevant transcripts

Goddard College is committed to creating a college representative of a diverse global community.  To that end, we are actively seeking applications from qualified candidates from groups currently underrepresented in our institution for this position.  This institution is an equal opportunity employer, and provider.

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