Alumni, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts

Personal Statement

My overall experience at Goddard was unlike any other institution of higher learning. For the first time in my life, I was in control of my education. My final portfolio was called Cooking Authentic Canadian Cuisine: Provisions for your Soul and my areas of study included: memoir, creative writing, interdisciplinary cultural studies, Black Canadian history, performance, experimental video, installation and painting. Throughout my course of study, my intention revolved around voice—in understanding and contesting how oppressed voices have been silenced by history, public policy, and by family – which enabled a space for my own voice as an artist to emerge. All of my mentoring relationships were extremely supportive and insightful. My four faculty advisors offered me the encouragement, which allowed me to stretch beyond my expectations. The residencies were like family reunions, but the only catch was we weren’t blood relatives. Initially, our only connection was a willingness to be vulnerable artists and gain a new experience. I learned something valuable from peers, whether it was more information about their medium, or more about myself in the context of my own work. I have a better understanding of the role of artists and have been transformed through this unconventional program—an intensive self-reflexive journey in making art by living life.