Alumni, MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts
Residency Site: Port Townsend WA


MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, Goddard College.

Personal Statement

Porschia Librecht Baker is an interdisciplinary artist writing an existence in her own vision. Baker’s poetry is included in the book CHORUS: A Literary Mixtape. Currently, she is working on completing her full-length play. She is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Artist’s Statement: Self-sovereignty is an option with which I thrive and build upon to create an existence in my own vision. I reclaim my birthright to build alternate realities inherent with deeply rich complexities. Central to creating is a malleable livelihood that allows for questions and transmutations so that I remain faithful to naming nations within, faithful to what resonates, faithful to my truth. This is my medicine. I invest in reshaping boundaries while acknowledging the potential limitations in their constructs. I work with the variations of what I know and harp my perspectives of existence. I aim to be communally inclusive so the works’ words seep mantra-like with their stories’ universality. I maneuver with an assemblage of personal, researched and witnessed cargo. My sensibilities reach from the pit of my desires where what appears to bone black bones is a nourishing container for herstories that arrived before as well as those yet to be midwifed to their breath. These aspects I share are leaves summoning branches rooted in servicing what I believe. This is my self-ordained privilege and a threshold I remember, comeback to, and journey through in order to arrive invoking actuality; a practice of summoning my whole self. With offerings of the celebrations, challenges, teachings, and growths I’ve been continuously gifted, I return to open space for healing.