Larry Yurdin (BA RUP ’67) graduated from Goddard College in 1967 and returned in 1969 as a faculty member. He then organized the 1970 Alternative Media Conference, held June 17-20, 1970, with Goddard students as part of a hands-on course centered on alternative and underground media. (photo at right: Larry Yurdin at the 1970 Alternative Media Conference at Goddard College).

Following his time at Goddard, Yurdin was the manager of Pacifica Radio in Houston, the News Director of KMET in LA, and was a major contributor at many other radio stations. He has a long history in radio, digital media and communications and was an innovative pioneer in the groundbreaking fields of free-form and progressive radio.

Yurdin came back to the Plainfield campus on May 18, 2013 to attend the 2013 Alternative Media Conference, and presented a history and slideshow about the original conference. See the video below!