Personal Statement

Darcy Bedortha graduated from Goddard’s MA in Education program in January 2013, where she earned her license to teach Secondary English.

She currently serves the Institute for Democratic Education in America as an organizer and passionate advocate for education in her community and beyond. She is leading the efforts to open the Ochoco Innovation Station, a cooperative learning center and community maker space. She is also launching an alternative education program The Symbyo Project which cultivates 21st Century skills while supporting academic achievement grounded in real world experience, service learning and global citizenship on a learning journey with young people who are exploring and expanding their reach in the world.

Darcy is working toward her PhD in Leadership and Change at Antioch University.  She lives in rural Central Oregon, near her two beloved grown sons.

“What Goddard taught me…”

“Family doesn’t always mean you are related, and that your greatest friends can live anywhere in the world. Goddard showed me how possible and how powerful self-directed learning can be. The faculty and the students were all great teachers, each in their own incredible way, and as I went along the path with them beside me I learned to open myself up, to allow people to see who I really am, and to find strength in my voice and my way of using it.

“By following my own instincts and interests I took myself deeper into the learning than I ever imagined possible. I gained confidence in my ability to choose the right path – and still today, when I stumble or struggle there are Goddard hands reaching out to steady me, pat me on my back and send me on my way…

“The relationships matter most. That is true of my own learning at Goddard and still today, and it is true as I press onward with my own students. I had great role models…  From those first phone calls which made sure I had what I needed to begin right up through graduation, I found kindness and wisdom each step of the way. I found a clear vision of what excellence should look like, and gained the tools to create it myself. I found joy and brilliance and light. I found courage and great love. I found life-long teachers and friends who believed in my voice, my work and in my way of bringing it to the world.

“At Goddard I found a truly magical, healing, inspirational, challenging, growth-inducing, nurturing and freeing place to learn who I wanted to be. Goddard came into my life when I needed it most. It took several false starts and thousands of tiny, struggling steps to even walk through the doors of the Haybarn that first day. The journey was one of the most deeply transformational and profound experiences of my life. The seas were often stormy, beyond the campus grounds. The loving community at Goddard and the beautiful, unique place itself were often my rock and my compass. I am here today, brave, confident and strong – working in the world and creating change because of Goddard.”  -Darcy Bedortha