Faculty, Undergraduate Studies
Residency Site: Plainfield VT



PhD in American History, Minor in Anthropology, University of Wisconsin at Madison
MA in American History, University of Wisconsin at Madison
BSE in Nature Interpretation, SUNY

Areas of Expertise

Sustainability Theory and Practice, Quantitative, Narrative Interviewing, Oral History, Participatory Action Research, Historical Analysis

Personal Statement

I’m delighted to support the learning of Goddard’s extraordinary students. The insight, energy and innovation you bring to your lives and communities has remarkable power and brilliance. It is an honor to build a relationship of respect and honest exchange to support your growth.

I have been here for sixteen years in a variety of roles including advisor and director of several undergraduate and graduate programs; my core identity has always been to spur and support students as an advisor. Raised in a working family, I was inspired by and worked in the antiwar (Vietnam), Civil Rights and environmental movements that sought to build more just societies. After completing an undergraduate degree in environmental sciences, I lectured and hiked mountains and valleys as an environmental educator.

I went on to counsel poor families as a rural crisis intervention worker, teach about environmental justice in prisons, and lobby state legislatures to fund community groups that served people with disabilities as well as poor and working communities. At graduate school I sought to learn from others who shared these values and visions. I plunged into the extended study of United States and global history—as a way to make meaning of and understand the globe and to complement my lived experiences through sustained research, writing, and reflection. I wrote and edited several books about the collective efforts of people with disabilities to overcome workplace and educational discrimination.

My current interests are wide ranging; there are usually a half dozen books and journals in my study area. I seek inspiration and insight from the efforts of people around the globe to build just, egalitarian and creative communities. At the same time, I believe we have a concurrent responsibility to question and dismantle the industrial/militarist system that has exploited the earth’s resources, overpowered the budget and political process, divides peoples and hampers the emergence of local as well as global justice efforts.

At Goddard, I have worked with a wide range of students in any number of areas, typically in the humanities, social sciences, and contemporary literature. More noteworthy than my goals are your interests, passions and pursuits. Why are you here? What is important for you? What risks are you ready to consider and take? How can we come together to make your learning challenging, vital – even transformative? This is your time.

I was one of two scholars from outside UVM to be selected as a University of Vermont Sustainability Faculty Fellow for the 2013-2014 year. This is a professional development program in interdisciplinary sustainability education. Fellows engage in a yearlong collaborative exploration of sustainability, teaching and learning. My training will enhance my work with students at Goddard.