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Elizabeth Rollins

My experience with Goddard was one of deep education and glory. I focused on fiction writing, and learned immensely from my mentors (even if it wasn’t what I expected to learn), and found the authentic sensibility of Goddard to suit me perfectly. I gained the lifelong friendships of a group of women writers ( and a chance to identify myself personally as a writer. I was utterly changed by my Goddard experience. I am a devoted and connected writer in the world. Because of Goddard, I teach both adults and children creative writing and am currently in pursuit of a college or university position doing the same. I have gone on to write a novel after my short story collection (written during my time at Goddard) and seek book publication, though my writing has been widely published in literary journals. Not only did I become a better writer with Goddard’s help, I became a better person, and one clear about her role in the vast universe.