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Integrative Nutrition Partnership

Discover Goddard's Low-Residency Opportunities:

Goddard Partners with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Heather Labor, Goddard College Admissions Counselor

Special Scholarships for IIN Graduates Available for Goddard's undergraduate programs.
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The learning partnership between Goddard College and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition - for students who graduated as of January 1, 2007 - will enhance learning opportunities for Integrative Nutrition graduates who enroll in one of Goddard’s low-residency Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts degree programs. 

Goddard developed this partnership in order to support IIN graduates in meeting their larger educational goals.  IIN graduates have a wealth of experience from their time in the programs at IIN and so we're allowing them to bring that experience into Goddard and translate that into credit at Goddard.  At Goddard you can:

  • Study at home in a community that will shape your learning.
  • Connect with students, faculty and staff during an 8-day, on campus residency each semester.
  • Design your degree with individualized guidance from faculty advisors.

Questions?  Give one of our admissions counselors a call today at 800.906.8312 or request more information here.

Case Study: Carina Rockland

Carina Rockland, IIN Transfer StudentHow Carina Rockland Took Control of Her Health and Future

As Carina Rockland can testify, good health should never be taken for granted. At the tender age of twenty, she was so debilitated by painful Crohn’s disease that she felt trapped in the body of a ninety-year old. A 2012 graduate of the IIN Health Coach Training Program, Carina has since taken control of her health and is achieving incredible academic and professional accomplishments.

She is currently completing her final year of her BA in Health Arts and Sciences at Goddard and  is writing a book about integrative approaches to Crohn's disease.

Q& A with Carina:

  • What were you doing prior to enrolling at IIN?
  • How did your life change after enrolling?
  • What are you doing now?
  • Which topics and modules were most beneficial for you?
  • How has your illness shaped you as a developing Health Coach?
  • Is there a need for Health Coaches where you live?

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How the partnership works for undergraduate studies

A sample of undergraduate student senior study topics:

  • Nutrition to support the immune system
  • Epidemiology of childhood obesity
  • Ecological health issues resolved by organic farming
  • Nutritional and herbal medicine for the child-bearing years
  • Food and body image
  • Ethnonutrition and marine sustainability in a Filipano Village
  • Holistic nutrition and Crohn’s disease
  • Comparing Western and Eastern Food Traditions
  • Ethnobotany of Traditional Food Systems in Italy


  • At the undergraduate level, Goddard accepts a maximum of 75 BA transfer credits, including credits available from IIN.
  • To earn a BA degree at Goddard, a student completes 120 semester-hour credits as well as specific requirements related to their fully accredited liberal arts degree.
  • Graduates of IIN who are admitted to Goddard's undergraduate programs are eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship. Awards are granted as funds are available.

Questions?  Give one of our admissions counselors a call today at 800.906.8312 or request more information here.
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How the partnership works for Graduate studies

IIN graduates who already hold a bachelor's degree can apply for acceptance into the following Academic Programs at Goddard.

Different  Than Online Education

Low-residency education offers the best of what distance education, online programs, and traditional campus-learning offer: you will have the flexibility to study from home while also being a part of a living, breathing community of learners, faculty, staff and alumni - the larger community of Goddard College.

The progressive pedagogy at Goddard encourages students to pursue areas of unique interest that contribute to the global community and the earth through holistic and multidisciplinary approaches to learning.

  • FLEXIBILITY -  Goddard offers a flexible degree program that allows you to pursue a degree without uprooting or disrupting your life.
  • COMMUNITY - Spend 8 days of intensive study per semester in a community of your peers.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING -  Earn a degree that intimately connects the life you're living with what you're learning, and study that is directly relevant to the life you want to live.

Questions?  Give one of our admissions counselors a call today at 800.906.8312 or request more information here.

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  • Is this an online program?
  • Is there a scholarship for this program?
  • How many undergraduate credits toward degree completion does Goddard accept from IIN?
  • What's the cost?
  • Will you accept credit from additional schools I've attended, or other prior work and educational experience I have?
  • How many credits does it take to earn a BA at Goddard?
  • What courses do I take?