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Bhanu Kapil reviews Makara

Bhanu Kapil reviews Makara

“In MAKARA, Kristen Ringman celebrates [curates] the space between human and animal selves with tenderness and precision.  'She reached out and pulled me into her,' writes Ringman, 'Her large seal body below me, human arms around me.' 

What I love about this book is that migration does not function as a metaphor.  Instead, Ringman tracks the complex somatic occasion of cultural and sensory 'arrival' of different kinds.  Ringman herself: an adventurer — the person who wrote this book draws upon her own physical memory of India, sea-crossings, touch: 'Could I touch her like that?'

'I didn’t know where to go, so I climbed up the steps to the rooftop,' we read elsewhere. And follow the speaker there, to lean over and shimmer with her above a vista of street life: the ordinary magic of ants, bats, the color yellow, dogs, love, consumption.  

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to travel to other worlds and realities in non-traditional ways and by radical means.  Do you want to shed your skin and slip into a new sea?  This book will show you how.”

--Bhanu Kapil, MFAW faculty member and author of Schizophrene and Humanimal: A Project for Future Children