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Poem Written by a Student in Tribute to David Frisby

Tue, 2013-08-27 23:16 -- Anonymous (not verified)
BA and MA in Education Blog
Poem Written by a Student in Tribute to David Frisby
Something, Sometimes

        by Diana Abath

Something told me to move towards you
A camaraderie of the skin—yet not that simple

A connection of the heart, the mind
No—for I knew neither about yours or mine in that moment

Something told me to move towards you
A message—in your stance, your sitting, your comfort to just be

Sometimes we need others to show us how to just
Be—with our selves, in our work, in our worlds

Something told me to move toward you
I listened, I doubted—I listened again

For a minute, a long minute I did not know where
You wanted to take me—motivate me to take myself

Soon I realized, sooner understood
Your trust in me to do so
My mentor, my friend—never foe

Sometimes, something moves you
And you just have to follow—you have to go
Toward its light and learn to be

Thank you for that legacy


Submitted by Leah Mason (MA ... (not verified) on
I was privileged and blessed to have Doc as my adviser for my entire time at Goddard (Masters in Education). His smile, open manner, integrity, curiosity, wonderful questions, love, acceptance, and his hand written notes to me are just a fraction of all that I appreciated about him. We watched documentaries together - a few times it was just the 2 of us - and oh the discussions that ensued! What wonderful dear sweet times!

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