Wayfinding College Partnership

A flexible pathway to a bachelor’s degree

Information for graduates of Wayfinding College

Goddard is a leader in transformative education that joins individual learning with action in the world. We cultivate knowledge, skills, and strategies that respond effectively to the changing needs of communities and circumstances.

Students who graduate with Wayfinding College have a flexible pathway to earning a four-year degree at Goddard College. Our partnership agreement guarantees that all students who complete an Associates of Art in Self and Society at Wayfinding College and have been accepted for admission into Goddard College may enter Goddard with the equivalent of 60 Goddard credits (level 5, or junior standing). Wayfinding College, graduates or faculty covered under the terms of this agreement will be issued a $1000 Partnership Grant if they enroll. The grant will be awarded to students in two $500 disbursements in their first and second enrolled semester.

How the partnership works:

  1. Graduates of identified Wayfinding College programs retroactive to 2018 are covered under the terms of this agreement and thus eligible to have Wayfinding College work applied toward the identified Goddard College degrees.
  2. Goddard College degrees identified to accept credit from Wayfinding College programs include: all BA programs. 
  3. Goddard College degrees identified to accept credit from Wayfinding Academy programs include: all Bachelors of Arts programs.
  4. Wayfinding College graduates must submit, as part of their application for admission, an official transcript from their completed Wayfinding College program.
  5. Inclusive of Wayfinding College work, up to 75 semester-hour credits may be accepted toward the Goddard College Bachelor of Arts degree through any combination of transfer credit and/or credit awarded through assessment of prior learning (APL).

Learn more about the transfer agreement and the $1,000 scholarships for Wayfinding College graduates by calling 800.906.8312, writing to admissions@goddard.edu or by completing an inquiry form.

To apply:

  • Complete the Online Application for Admission and upload your application essay and any other supplemental materials. The application fee is waived for Wayfinding College graduates.
  • Submit your official transcripts. Ask that the registrar submit transcripts directly to the Goddard College Office of Admissions. In addition to submitting your official Wayfinding College transcripts, please also send transcripts from any previously attended college or university.
  • Schedule an admission interview with a counselor. Interviews are designed to better familiarize you with Goddard’s educational model and the expectations for student-designed, independent learning.

Contact an admissions counselor today at 800.906.8312 or request more information here.

Credit Assessment of Wayfinding College Programs

Goddard agrees to accept at least 60 credits from a completed associate degree program at Wayfinding College. The numbers below reflect the Goddard Wide-Knowledge requirements met by the General Education requirements at Wayfinding College. Additional requirements may be met upon review of an individual student’s transcript. In order to use transfer credit to fulfill Wide-Knowledge requirements, a student must have received a grade of 2.0 in the corresponding Wayfinding College course.

Wayfinding ProgramTransferable Semester-Hour CreditsGoddard College Wide Knowledge Degree Area 
AA in Self and Society60Humanities: 9 creditsSocial Sciences: 12 creditsMath: 3 creditsNatural Sciences: 3 creditsOther: 33 credits

Wide-Knowledge requirements necessary to receive a BA from Goddard College are as follows:

Wide-Knowledge AreaCredits
Arts & Humanities12
Social Sciences12
Math and Natural Sciences12
Social Justice Framework6 (must be completed at Goddard)

About Goddard College

Nestled in rural Vermont, Goddard is a small college for plain living and hard thinking. Goddard is recognized for innovation in education. Its mission is to advance the theory and practice of learning by undertaking new experiments based upon the ideals of democracy and the principles of progressive education asserted by John Dewey. At Goddard, students are regarded as unique individuals who will take charge of their learning and collaborate with other students, staff, and faculty to build a strong community. Goddard encourages students to become creative, passionate, lifelong learners, working and living with an earnest concern for others and the welfare of the Earth.

Low-Residency Education

Low-residency education offers the best of what distance education, online programs, and traditional campus-learning offer: you will have the flexibility to study from home while also being a part of a living, breathing community of learners, faculty, staff and alumni – the larger community of Goddard College.

The progressive pedagogy at Goddard encourages students to pursue areas of unique interest that contribute to the global community and the earth through holistic and multidisciplinary approaches to learning.

  • Flexibility: Goddard offers a flexible degree program that allows you to pursue a degree without uprooting or disrupting your life.
  • Community: Spend 8 days of intensive study per semester in a community of your peers.
  • Individualized Learning: Earn a degree that intimately connects the life you’re living with what you’re learning, and study that is directly relevant to the life you want to live.

Important Announcement

The Board of Directors for Goddard College have made the difficult decision to close the college at the end of the 2024 Spring term.  


Current Goddard students will have the opportunity to complete their degrees at the same tuition rate through a teach-out with like-minded institution, Prescott College. Updates and scholarship funds will be available in the coming weeks and months. Information will be posted to www.goddard.edu

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