Visiting Scholar Brian Tokar on Social Ecology & Climate Justice

The Undergraduate Program at Goddard College presents Social Ecology and the Movement for Climate Justice: Claiming the Power of What we Know, a discussion with Visiting Scholar Brian Tokar. This event is free and open to the public.

We will discuss the philosophical and political outlook of social ecology, a reconstructive and transformative approach to social and environmental problems that also advances a directly democratic, confederal politics. Then we will address social ecology’s contributions to the emerging climate justice movement. Social ecologists embrace a justice-centered focus on the initiatives of communities that have experienced disproportionate consequences of climate disruptions, and also bring a fundamental critique of capitalism and the state, together with a vision of empowered communities organizing from below to seek a more harmonious relationship to the natural world.

Brian Tokar is an activist, author, lecturer in environmental studies at the University of Vermont, and a board member of 350Vermont and the Institute for Social Ecology. He is the author of The Green Alternative, Earth for Sale, and Toward Climate Justice: Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change, which was reissued in an expanded and revised edition by the New Compass Press in 2014. He is an editor of the book, Agriculture and Food in Crisis (with Fred Magdoff), and also edited two collections on biotechnology and GMOs: Redesigning Life? and Gene Traders. Tokar is a contributor to the Routledge Handbook of the Climate Change Movement, A Line in the Tar Sands, and other recent books. His articles on environmental issues and popular movements appear in Z Magazine and in web-based publications and sites such as CommonDreams, Counterpunch, ZNet, Popular Resistance, New Compass, Toward Freedom, and Green Social Thought. He has lectured across the U.S. and internationally on social ecology and the links between environmental and social movements.