Although students study and reside at home during a semester, the eight days that students spend in residency each semester are part of the single most important differentiating feature between a Goddard educational experience and the experience a student would have at one of the many off-campus and distance education programs offered to adult learners. During Goddard’s extraordinary residency period, living and learning are unified, exciting, and seamless. A discussion of contemporary fiction may start at a seminar or workshop during the day but continue into the night in a dorm room or at the dining facility. Workshops, seminars, discussions, and the great variety of venues for learning overflow into one another at different locations and times all over the campus during the residency.

All new students are required to stay on campus during their first residency unless they have a permanent residence within a 50-mile drive of their residency site. For subsequent semesters, students may stay off campus if they participate fully in all residency activities and academic programming.

As space allows, students have the option of requesting single or double rooms (charges vary), single-sex, coed, gender-neutral, scent free (Vermont only) and substance-free housing.

Plainfield, Vermont Campus

On the Plainfield campus, Village of Learning dorms are hubs of community learning and interaction. Each small dorm (approximately 16 residents) has a lounge for students. The larger dorm, Kilpatrick House, located on the historic part of the campus, has two large lounges. Most Goddard students are housed in double rooms with a roommate. If single rooms are available, they go to students who need them for documented medical reasons and then to others. Additional charges for single rooms apply.

Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies

We have one residence designated as a “fragrance-free” living option on the Vermont campus. As much as is possible we use unscented cleaning products and request that other residents refrain from using scented products in this building. However, it may not be possible to regulate chemical and scented products usage campus-wide.

Food Service

The Vermont dining room is known for excellent, healthful, and varied meals  featuring locally grown food. As a matter of course, vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian dishes are offered. The college makes every effort to accommodate the dietary needs of students, particularly those those allergies or sensitivities may be debilitating or life-threatening.

Please contact the Access and Disability Support Office at to discuss your needs in advance of the residency, so that we may assess and determine best options for you.

Port Townsend, Washington, Educational Site

Housing at the Port Townsend residency site is in renovated Officers’ Quarters and dormitories. Most are two-story duplexes and the majority of rooms are single occupancy. Buildings are nicely furnished and linens are provided.

Residency meals are provided by The Commons, Fort Worden’s multi-use dining facility. Daily meal options include meat, vegetarian, and vegan dishes; other dietary needs should be shared with the Access and Disability Support Office at and will be communicated to the site manager as needed.

Seattle, Washington, Educational Site

Unlike the Plainfield Vermont and Port Townsend Washington locations, the Seattle Site does not provide housing for students.  Most of our students live within commutable distance or make arrangements for their housing through Air Bed and Breakfast or local hotels. During the residency, a continental breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner is catered on site.  Particular dietary needs should be shared with the Access and Disability Support Office at and will be communicated to the site manager as needed.

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