Zelaika S. Hepworth Clarke, PhD

Core Faculty

Zelaika S. Hepworth Clarke MSW, LSW, LMSW, MEd, PhD, is a sexosopher, sexual epistemologist, cultural and clinical sexologist, sexecologist, African-centered social worker, and decolonizing autoethnographer. Dr. Clarke has studied internationally in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Trinidad, Jamaica, Netherlands, Barcelona, and Cuba. In 2014, Dr. Clarke conducted decolonizing research in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, which focused on exploring Ọ̀ṣunality, an African-centered, sex-positive, post-colonial paradigm that affirms diversity in sensuality, sexual pleasure and eroticism. Dr. Clarke is committed to undoing negative effects of colonialism while combating internalized oppressions; healing; the decolonization project; human empowerment; sexual-sensual liberation; intersectional mindfulness; expanding consciousness; self-knowledge; self-reflexivity; self-actualization; counter-oppressive discourses; critical thinking; empowerment; and increasing sexual epistemic justice and diversity. Dr. Clarke holds multiple certificates, include a certificate from the National Academy for African-Centered Social Work.


PhD, Human Sexuality, Widener University
MSW, Widener University
MEd, Education in Human Sexuality, Widener University
BA, Sexuality, Culture and Oppression, Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, New York University

Areas of Expertise

  • Human Sexuality,
  • Sexuality Education
  • Ethnography
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Social Work
  • Cultural Studies


Affiliation Individualized Bachelor of Arts
Undergraduate Studies Program

Location Plainfield, Vermont