Sharon Cronin, PhD

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Sharon Cronin has over twenty-five years of experience in bilingual and culturally relevant early childhood and elementary education. She earned her Doctoral Degree in Curriculum Instruction majoring in Bilingual Education, Multicultural Education, and Literacy, with cognates in Special Education, Caribbean Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology from the University of Washington. At the Center for Linguistic and Cultural Democracy, Dr. Cronin co-leads the Teaching Umoja Participatory Action Research 15-Year Commitment, examining the ethnic identity, bicultural, cross-cultural, and tri-literacy development of children of color, along with a team of 40 co-researchers from across the United States and Port Royal and Moore Town, Jamaica. She is co-author of Soy Bilingue: Language, Culture, and Young Latino Children. Through the Soy Bilingue Network, Dr. Cronin further develops and promotes the Soy Bilingue Adult Dual Language Model for early childhood education.


PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Literacy and Bilingual, Multicultural, and Special Education, University of Washington
MA in Human Development with the Bicultural Specialization, Pacific Oaks College
BA in Bilingual Education with a minor in African American Studies, University of Washington.

Affiliation BA Education
MA Education
Teacher Licensure

Location Plainfield, Vermont
Seattle, Washington