Greg Gallant

Alumni Relations Director & Digital Media Coordinator

About Greg

Gregory Gallant is a New England based activist filmmaker, radicalized at Goddard in 2015 while studying for his IBA in the UGP1 program, before transferring to the BFA-SEA. During this time, he served as Student Council Treasurer for 2 years and worked closely with the Alumni Association.

Prior to his employment at Goddard Greg worked twenty years at Nichols Portland, the last half of them in the metrology laboratory. During his stint as a lab tech, he led “lean activities” and corrective actions aiming to increase productivity, safety, and ergonomics for employees. These opportunities gave him strong team building, negotiation, and management skills, with an understanding of workflow.

His focus is to attract more potential engagement to the college, relying on his flexibility in organizing and activism to help create a deeper sense of community amongst the disparate parts of the college, between those who are and did study at Goddard.

802- 322-1724 Ext.294

Affiliation Alumni Office

Location Plainfield, Vermont