Danielle Kutner

Temporary Community Life Coordinator & Student Life Manager

Danielle Kutner is a Philadelphia-based scholar and activist whose research is grounded in social and political philosophy, German critical theory, and aesthetics. A central question of her research is how individuals and communities come to interpret their experience of the world and their place(s) in it and how this process of interpretation can inhibit or act as an impetus for social transformation. Her primary research interests include theories of ideology, socio-political dimensions of knowledge, and the role of aesthetics as a form of socio-political critique. Given the nature of her research, she is deeply committed to a socially engaged form of education that extends beyond the classroom and allows students to respond to ever-changing needs of their communities.

Prior to joining Goddard College as student life manager, Kutner served as a researcher and co-coordinator for the Ralph Ellison Oral History Project from 2013-2015, where she developed archival materials in conjunction with the Oklahoma History Center to further public knowledge about author Ralph Ellison and the history of racial violence in Oklahoma. She also served as the director’s assistant to The Red Earth Low-Residency MFA Program at Oklahoma City University 2010-2015, where she assisted a diverse group of students and faculty throughout the year. Most recently, she worked as a contract copy editor and teaching assistant in the philosophy department at Villanova University.

As of 2021, Kutner is in the process of completing her dissertation at Villanova University. She currently resides in Pennsylvania and enjoys creating collaborative mixed-media artwork, facilitating community resource workshops, and hiking the trails at Valley Forge in her free time. Kutner remains deeply passionate about community-oriented education and looks forward to assisting Goddard faculty and students identify opportunities as well as navigate the challenges that arise in higher education.

802.227.2753 danielle.kutner@goddard.edu studentlife@goddard.edu

Affiliation Community Life Office