Elena Georgiou

Program Director, MFA in Creative Writing Program
Residency Site: Plainfield VT / Residency Site: Port Townsend WA



Elena Georgiou is the author of a short-story collection, The Immigrant’s Refrigerator (GenPop Books, 2018), as well as two poetry collections, Rhapsody of the Naked Immigrants (Harbor Mountain Press) and mercy mercy me (University of Wisconsin Press).  She also co-edited (with Michael Lassell) the poetry anthology The World In Us (St. Martin’s Press).  She is a recipient of a Lambda Literary Award, an Astraea Emerging Writers Award, a New York Foundation of the Arts Fellowship, and is a fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Her work also appears in numerous journals and magazines.


MA in Creative Writing, City College of the City University of New York
BA in Honors/English, Hunter College of the City University of New York

Areas of Expertise

Contemporary American Poetry, International Poetry, Documentary Poetics, Hybrid Texts,  Contemporary American Fiction, and International fiction

Personal Statement

As a teacher I am most interested in helping students to cultivate the individuality of their voice. Individuality, authenticity, and risk are the three qualities that interest me the most in the work of the writers I read and in the work of the students I advise. I begin each semester by asking students to think about the ways in which they might funnel their passions, obsessions, and what captivates them into their poems. I encourage students to mine the details of the worlds they inhabit and to use these details as one way to lead to the uniqueness of their work. Regarding the development of craft, I once heard an established writer with a long list of books to her name say: Writing is 80% revision. Since hearing this, it has been my #1 writing commandment. It is what I expect of myself and of the students I advise. Regarding reading, I encourage students to read widely and to annotate a significant number of international writers. I believe that reading a multiplicity of literary voices helps us to produce writing that is unpredictable, complex, and full.


  1. Rhapsody of the Naked Immigrants
    Rhapsody of the Naked ImmigrantsHarbor Mountain Press2009
  2. Mercy Mercy Me
    Mercy Mercy MeUniversity of Wisconsin Press2003
  3. The World In Us (Co-editor) St. Martin’s Press2000