Desmond Peeples

Campus Extension


Desmond Peeples is a queer writer of color from Vermont. He/she/they (as you please) received a BA from Goddard College while traveling the US; his studies were concentrated in critical theory, behavioral neuroscience, and creative writing, and his senior thesis was an original historical fantasy novel. In 2014 he founded an arts journal called Mount Island, and he returned to Vermont to work in small publishing. He joined Brattleboro’s Green Writers Press as an editorial assistant, which led to a position as an associate literary agent with the Dede Cummings Agency, as well as providing editorial and publicity services to both emerging and critically acclaimed authors. In 2015 he reorganized Mount Island Magazine into The Rove, a nonprofit small press and learning collaborative; his writing has been published in Big Bridge, Goreyesque, Five [Quarterly], and various other publications.


Bachelor Arts, Creative Writing and Critical Theory, Goddard College