Catiriana Reyes

Student Representative, Board of Trustees


Catiriana Reyes, elected to the Board in January, is pursuing the Individualized Bachelor of Arts degree in Goddard’s Undergraduate Program. In the late 1990s as a teenager grappling with sexual orientation and gender identity, she found her way to the Louisville Youth Group, a peer support group for self identified LGBTQ youth, which was held at the headquarters of the Fairness Campaign, an LGBTQ civil rights group in Louiseville. She held various positions within the Fairness Campaign. In 2005 she served as one of the organizers of Transsistahs and Transbrothas Conference, a gathering of transgender people of color. Catiriana has been on the Student Council, was a student representative to Academic Council, and co-founded Goddard’s People of Color Student Union.


Bachelor of Arts (Ant. 2019), Goddard College