Albert Sabatini

Executive Chef, Campus Services
Residency Site: Plainfield VT



Albert Sabatini has two decades of experience as chef and kitchen manager, with a special interest in the healing properties of food and the timeless joy of sharing meals. He has worked in restaurants, schools, and retreat communities and brings his knowledge of cuisine and of collaborative, team-based management to Goddard’s kitchen and cafeteria.

A Philadelphia native, Sabatini received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Penn State University, but made the leap early on from a career in law enforcement career to ​what
he recognized as the more life-giving satisfactions of connecting people with good, natural, healthy food.

A sample of his work in food service: He was executive chef at Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center in PA; helped to found the legendary Little Notch Bakery near Bar Harbor, ME, and has served as consultant to start-up restaurants and general stores in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. He also was owner for 10 years of a small vegetable farm in the Pennsylvania mountains. He moved to Vermont in 2014,drawn by the lifestyle and food culture, and such uniquely imaginative institutions as Goddard.