About LITS

About LITS


Our Mission

Goddard’s Library and Information Technology Services are designed to provide information resources and technology support for students and the broader college community. We provide access to quality information resources and services. We recognize that the use of technology is an integral part of library and information research. It is our collective mission to provide authoritative information resources, learner-centered services and instruction as well as reliable systems that support academic research & enhance intellectual activity.

Services & Support

Library Services

The Eliot D. Pratt Library offers services and resources in support of education and research in a hybrid in-person/virtual environment. The collection has 184,000+ total items, including 34,000+ printed books, 151,000+ eBooks, 400+ multimedia resources, electronic access to thousands of journal publications, and a carefully curated collection of free web resources. The Goddard Authors Special Collection includes 1,900+ titles by faculty, staff, trustees, current students, and alumni. The Archives house a collection of documents and artifacts about the history of Goddard College. The Art Gallery features work of students and local artists. The library is committed to a user-centered approach in all aspects of services in the physical and virtual environment.

Technology Support

The Information Technology team provides a number of services to students and faculty at the residency. For new students, we offer an introduction to Goddard’s IT systems and services. For all students, we conduct a Goddard Net 2.0 workshop, which goes beyond the basics of sending email and posting messages. We also provide instruction in and support for the Student Information System, Goddard Net 2.0, and general computer use. We can help get you online with your laptop and set your laptop to print to our printers during residencies. Information Technology staff continue to provide support and assistance to students and faculty throughout the semester.


There are two labs on campus.  A 24-hour lab is located in the Community Center, is equipped with PCs and Macs, and is staffed (see lab for schedule).  The Pratt Center (where the library is located) houses a lab with projector, PCs and Macs, and is staffed when the library is open.


Eliot D. Pratt Library, Satellite Librarian, and Pratt Computer Lab Hours

Regular Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Eastern Time (excluding holidays)
Residency Hours: See residency schedule. During Port Townsend & Seattle Residencies, LITS maintains regular hours.
Satellite Librarian Hours: See residency schedule. Vermont campus only.

IT and Community Center Computer Lab Hours

Regular Support Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Eastern Time (excluding holidays)
Residency Support & Lab Hours: See residency schedule. During Port Townsend & Seattle Residencies, LITS maintains regular hours.

Community Center Computer Lab is open for residencies only

Contact Us

Library Support

Phone: (800) 468-4888 ext. 208 (toll-free) or (802) 322-1604 (local)
Email: library@goddard.edu

Archives Support

For questions regarding the college’s history and information from the Archives.
Email: archives@goddard.edu

Technical Support

Phone: (800) 468-4888 ext. 364 (toll-free) or (802) 322-1605 (local)
Email: it@goddard.edu
Remote Support Tool: https://support.goddard.edu/

If no one is available on the portal, please contact IT Support via our KnowledgeBase at https://sites.google.com/a/goddard.edu/it-help/get-help to set up a support appointment.


Library Staff

Clara Bruns
Director of Information Access
(800) 468-4888 ext. 250
(802) 322-1603

Paula Tamburello
Materials Access and Acquisitions Librarian
(800) 468-4888 ext. 305
(802) 322-1607

IT Staff

Ron Marion
Director of Information Technology
(800) 468-4888 ext. 218
(802) 322-1717


Port Townsend, WA Residency Support

Malick Sow
Support during Port Townsend residencies only

Seattle, WA Residency Support

Agnes Figueroa Martinez
Support during Seattle residencies only