How To Request Materials Via Interlibrary Loan

How To Request Materials Via Interlibrary Loan


This how-to will help you make requests for materials that we do not have in the collection using the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system. If you need to know how to make requests for materials in the library catalog, hop over to How To Request Materials from the Eliot D. Pratt Library Catalog.

BOOKS: Always check the Eliot D. Pratt Library Catalog First – If we own an item, you should request it through the library catalog. If you do not see what you’re looking , then request via Interlibrary Loan.

ARTICLES: Always check the eJournal Portal First – If we have full-text access to an article, The eJournal Portal tool will show you where to find it. If you do not see what you’re looking , then request via Interlibrary Loan.

Please Note:

  1. We do not fill ILL requests for print copies of eBooks that are available in the catalog unless you have an accommodation from Academic Services (students) or Human Resources (faculty & staff).
  2. We cannot request copies of eBooks. You will need to purchase any eBooks we don’t already have if that is your preferred format. Don’t forget to check free sources of eBooks that we’ve listed on the Research Resources page under Books, eBooks, and Textbooks.

Go to Research Resources

Choose Research Resources from the site menu, then select Interlibrary Loan & Purchase Suggestions.


Choose Books or Articles

WorldCat is your access to tens of thousands of libraries and their materials. ArticleFirst is a subset of WorldCat for articles. Once you click on either link, you will need to login with your Goddard credentials.

Select WorldCat or ArticleFirst From the List


Login to GNET For Access



Type in your search terms and hit enter or click search. It can be helpful to use the drop-down menu to select a more specific search, like title or subject phrase. It can also be useful to limit your search to only the format(s) that work for you by checking the appropriate boxes. If you want more help with searching, please feel free contact us at


Select Resource

Find the item in the list that is the right for you and click on the title request it. Pay attention to the format so you don’t end up with the wrong type of material. For instance, if you want a print book, don’t select the record for an audio book or electronic resource. Check how many libraries have the resource. If the number is very low we may not find a library who will lend it. We’ll work with you to find replacement material if that happens. Finally, if the resource says it’s in the Goddard College Library, do not request it via WorldCat unless you’re certain it was not in the catalog.


Request Resource: Two Ways

Click on the button that looks like two buildings talking to each other and says ILL underneath or Click on “Borrow this item from another library (Interlibrary Loan).


Give Us All The Details

All but the comments are required to submit a request, but comments are important if there is something you need or want us to know about a request. For instance:

  • If you’re at a temporary address, give us the address to send it to.
  • If your request is also a recommendation for the collection and/or you do not want an item as an ILL. Any additional information, like this item being recommended by faculty, is extra useful but not a guarantee. It is always at the library staff’s discretion, according to our collection development policies, whether to borrow or buy.



Look for the green check box and message that lets you know your request went through and make a note of it in your records. This is the only confirmation that you receive from WorldCat.



You may have a maximum combined total of 5 ILL materials per semester. The ILL combined total plus the Eliot D. Pratt Library materials on your account must not exceed the 30 item checkout limit. For example:

  • If you have 3 ILL items out already, you may only request 2 more.
  • If you have 28 items checked out, you can only request 2 items.

Requests will not be filled if you owe more than $300 in billed materials and fees, have any overdue ILL materials, or will exceed your checkout limit. Please be sure that all overdue and/or excess items are on their way back to the library before requesting. We will wait to mail new items until we receive the overdue ILLs and/or an appropriate number of items bringing your account within the checkout limit.

Materials That Cannot Be Requested

Please do not request print copies of ebooks that are available in the catalog unless you have an accommodation from Academic Services (students) or Human Resources (faculty & staff).

Please do not request ebooks from WorldCat. If you are requesting a book, it must be the print version. You will need to purchase your own copies of ebooks if we do not have them already and that is your preferred format.

When Am I Allowed to Make Requests

Requests are available from the first day of your semester to the last day, including your residency period. Requests are not allowed in between semesters unless you are engaged in between semester study.

How We Notify You of Problems

If we are having a problem filling your request, we will email you at your email address.

Pro Tips

  1. To save you time and help you keep your place during research, we always recommend doing all of one kind of search before moving on. So, look up all your materials in the catalog, then move on to ILL, then move on to articles, etc.
  2. Materials requested via ILL are short-term loans, they cannot be kept for the whole semester or be renewed. Really, we mean it, it’s not our call. In order to get your materials right when you need them, be sure to make requests at least 7-10 days ahead. So, if you need an item for packet 3, request it as you are preparing to submit packet 2 so it arrives right on time.
  3. Using your calendar (electronic or paper) is a great way to keep track of your ILLs so you don’t have to worry that you’re missing something. Put notes during the week of packet submissions to request materials for the upcoming packet work. Put a note a few days before the due dates of ILLs  reminding you to mail them back.