Final Products Access Policy


About the Collection

When senior studies and theses are submitted to Goddard College in partial fulfillment of a degree, they become the property of Goddard College. The collection consists of print Final Products and Digital Final Products.

Works Created Before 2012

Prior to 2012, students submitted physical copies of their Final Products to the Eliot D. Pratt Library, where they became part of our extensive Final Products Special Collection. These valuable items are not for loan.

  • Final Products from the print collection can be read in the library. You may be asked to leave an ID in order to access certain Final Products. Copying, photographing, hand-copying, or otherwise reproducing Final Products is prohibited, except for the bibliography only (please ask a librarian). Some printed Final Products have become private and cannot be accessed, due to author request (or family requests, in cases of students who are now deceased).
  • You may request a copy of a print Final Product that was submitted before 2012. This requires permission from the author or next of kin. Goddard College cannot release alumnae contact information, therefore library staff will attempt to request permission for you. If contact is not established or permission is not granted, the only recourse is to examine the Final Product in the library. If permission is granted, the following fees apply (including for alumnae requests of their own final products):
    • $20 for a digital (PDF) copy
    • $30 for a printed copy up to 200 pages (PDF can also be included without charge)
    • $50 for a printed copy over 200 pages (PDF can also be included without charge)

Please make checks payable to Goddard College. Copies will be shipped after receipt of payment.

The library’s capability for copying audiovisual materials is limited. Individual arrangements may be made in cases of special need where possible.

Works Created 2012–Present

Beginning in 2012, Final Products are submitted digitally. Students specify the level of accessibility to be granted to the community upon submission, and their choices at this time are Goddard College Only or No Access. On rare occasions, students may also submit certain supplemental items to the physical collection.

  • The Digital Final Products database contains works (2012 –present) in which the authors granted permission for view and download by current Goddard College community members. It includes written works and associated additional materials (audio, video, and images). These works are copyright protected (see the copyright warning posted on the website for usage guidelines), and are accessible only to those with a current Goddard login and password.
  • Final Product print materials submitted as supplements to Digital Final Products (beginning in 2012) are for in-library use only. Those wishing to obtain a copy must seek out the author directly for permission, and the author may choose to provide a copy directly to the requester.
  • Those without a current Goddard login and password, or those wishing to obtain Digital Final Products in which the author granted No Access, must seek out the author directly for permission, and the author may choose to provide a copy directly to the requester.

Final Products Access Policy (PDF, 140 KB)


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