How To Download eBooks

How To Download eBooks


What’s the benefit of downloading an ebook vs. reading it online?

Download an ebook enables you to read it on your computer when you are offline. You can also transfer it to a reading device, like Kindle or Nook, or use an app on your Smart Devices, like iPad, and read away from your computer AND offline.

Is Your Technology Compatible?

Generally, you’re going to be fine if you use the latest version of Firefox. Check other browsers for compatibility:

EBSCO Minimum Browser Requirements

Be sure your computer AND ebook reader device meet the minimum system requirements for Adobe Digital Editions, the software you will download that manages eBook checkouts:

Adobe Digital Editions Computer System Requirement

Adobe Digital Editions Supported Reader Devices

If your technology isn’t compatible for installing Adobe Digital Editions, or you simply want to use eBooks on your smartphone or other similar device, there’s an app for that:

Bluefire Reader App –

If your technology is not compatible and you are not able to use an app, you will need to read your ebooks online only.

Sign Up For Accounts

Always remember to access EBSCO through either the LITS website or the Eliot D. Pratt Library catalog. This is how EBSCO knows that you’re already paid for.

Get a free Adobe ID – you’ll need this to use Adobe Digital Editions and the Bluefire Reader app:

Instructions to sign up for a free EBSCO account

To create an account:
Log in to the EBSCO eBook database via a Library webpage

Find ‘Sign In’ (should be listed on the top bar)
On the ‘Sign In’ page, click ‘Create a new account’
Fill in your personal details and click ‘Save Changes.’

Download Software & Apps

Adobe Digital Editions

If you have trouble downloading or installing, try using Digital Editions Help:

Bluefire Reader App

App Store & iTunes (iPhone)

Google Play (Android Phones)

Get Familiar with the Process

Familiarize yourself with tools before you start trying to use them. Here are helpful guides and videos to show you how these tools work:

eBooks on EBSCO

Downloading EBSCO eBooks Tutorial

Adobe Digital Editions

Using Adobe Digital Editions by NC LIVE. You can ignore information specific to the NC LIVE library system.

Getting Started With Adobe Digital Editions eGuide will be preinstalled with your software, but to download it again, follow this link.

Bluefire Reader App

Bluefire Reader and Adobe ID for iPad and Android by CairnsInfoHelp. You can ignore information specific to the Cairns library system.

We have a few Nook Glowlight and Kindle Fire eReaders that we lend, in addition to the many other ways you could read an ebook. Here’s some more on how the process works with some readers specifically:

EBSCO eBooks on your computer, Nook, iPad (these instructions work for a Kindle Fire also), or Sony Reader guides from Walden University:

EBSCO Ebook Downloads: Ebooks on Nook

Start Checking Out Books

You MUST be logged in to your accounts to download eBooks.

Transferring E-Books To A Nook, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Kobo (this guide was not written by us, so ignore University of Denver specifics)

You can always Google or YouTube instructions for transfer for your specific device if these instructions do not work for you, or you have a different type of reader.

For information about checkout limits, due lengths, etc. see our Borrowing Policy Quick Facts


There are too many combinations of technology for us know them all. If you run into trouble, it’s best to try troubleshooting on your own first. If you still need our help, tell us the vendor/software providers you’ve already tried, which will help us get your problem solved faster.

EBSCO Support Site

EBSCO eBooks & Audiobooks Support Center

Adobe Digital Editions Help

Bluefire Reader Help

Is there anything else I can read on my devices?

Many eReaders allow you to add PDFs to the device in addition to eBooks. This means you can use Adobe Digital Editions to open any PDF you’ve downloaded and then transfer it to your device, so you can see all of your research materials on the same device and read offline without having to print because most eReaders also allow you to annotate and highlight materials. Simply open Adobe Digital Editions, click on “File” in the menu, select the first option to “Add to Library,” and select the PDF you want to pull in. Then you can drag & drop onto your device as you would with any eBook. Give it a try, let us know if you have any trouble.

Are there any other places to get free eBooks?

There are LOTS! Most Public Libraries have some sort of eBook program that you should ask about. Additionally, check out our faves in the Research Resources section of this website under Books, eBooks & Textbooks in both the eBook and Textbook sections.