Borrowing Policy: Community

Borrowing Policy: Community


Goddard College grants borrowing privileges to members of the local community and individuals eligible to borrow under the VCAL (Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries) agreement. Library users not currently affiliated with the college as a Goddard student, staff or faculty are referred to as “Community User/Borrower”. Reasonable limits are set regarding services provided to Community Users as the library’s main focus is to meet the research needs of Goddard students, faculty, and staff.  Users are responsible for all items checked out on their account and must abide by these policies.

Becoming a Community User

Borrowing Agreement

Community Users may borrow up to 10 items concurrently from the in-house collection.

Books from the In-House Collection

Audiovisual (AV) Materials from the In-House Collection

AV materials may be used in-house, but are not available for loan.

Interlibrary Loan

The library does not provide Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services for Community Users.

Lost, Damaged or Overdue Materials

Reminders & Notices

Bills for Materials

Loss of Borrowing Privileges

While using the library and technology resources available on site in the Eliot D. Pratt Library, users must abide by the policy entitled “Community User Policy: Responsible Use of Information Technology and Library Resources.” Copies of this policy are posted in the library. You may ask for a copy at the Information Desk.

Goddard College reserves the right to amend these policies.

Eliot D. Pratt Library Community User Borrowing Policy & Sign-Up Form (PDF, 83 KB)