Borrowing Policy: Staff


The Library grants the following borrowing privileges to serve the research and information needs of staff. Staff may borrow books and non-print materials from the in-house collection. Interlibrary loan items can be requested for work-related materials and are limited in number.  Reasonable limits are set to ensure availability of resources for all members of the college community. There is a limit of 30 items per staff member, which includes all loans and active requests. Within this 30 item limit, up to 5 ILLs are allowed. Borrowers are responsible for all items checked out on their account. Failure to abide by these policies may result in loss of borrowing privileges and replacement and processing fees if applicable.

Staff members who are also students at institutions other than Goddard College should make their requests for purchase or ILL through the school in which they are enrolled.

Borrowing Agreement

Loans & Renewals

Books from the In-House Collection

  • The loan period for books is 28 days with 1 renewal possible if there are no other requests for that title.
  • The library reserves the right to recall these during the loan period.

Non-Print Materials from the In-House Collection

  • Non-print materials may be borrowed for 7 days with no renewals. The library reserves the right to recall these items  (DVDs, CDs and kits) during the loan period.

Museum and Park Passes

  • These have a 2-day loan period with no renewals.


  • The Eliot Pratt Library does not buy textbooks for the collection, and these are generally not available through interlibrary loan. If they are loaned through ILL, please note that the loan is for short-term use and cannot be used as a substitution for purchasing or renting textbooks.

Interlibrary Loan Materials (ILL)

  • Because of the high cost and labor-intensive nature of ILLs, we reserve the right to limit these requests to work-related materials.
  • Currently, there is a 5-item limit.
  • The loan period and any restrictions are determined by the lending library.
  • Materials obtained through interlibrary loan cannot be renewed and must be returned to the Eliot D. Pratt Library by the due date as specified on the item. It may not be returned directly to the lending library.
  • The library staff will handle all requests and returns.
  • Individual borrowers should not contact the lending library directly.
  • Failure to abide by policies and due dates will result in loss of ILL privileges.

Lost, Damaged, and Overdue Materials

Reminders & Notices

  • Library users are reminded to access their library accounts via the library catalog at  and use their Goddard log-ins to see what is checked out, due dates, and billed dates if any.
  • For positions terminated by staff or the college, staff members must return their library materials immediately.
  • All others will receive courtesy reminders sent via Goddard email two business days after the due date.
  • A final notice will be sent one week after the courtesy reminder.
  • *Please note:  Library notices will be sent to the user’s Goddard email address. Regular overdue notices are sent as a courtesy reminder only. Failure to receive any notice does not relieve a user of the responsibility of returning an item by the date due.

Bills for Materials from the In-House Collection

  • For each damaged or unreturned item users will be assessed a $20 non-refundable processing fee and a $40 (or actual cost, whichever is higher) refundable replacement fee.
  • These fees accrue when items are 28 days late (or 7 days late for museum or park passes).
  • Credit for an unreturned museum or park pass will be given only if returned within 2 weeks from the due date and only if the library has not already bought a replacement.
  • For all other items, no refunds will be given after one year from the due date.

Bills for Interlibrary Loan Materials

  • For each unreturned or damaged item obtained through ILL, users will be assessed a $20 non-refundable processing fee and a $50 (or actual cost, whichever is higher) refundable replacement fee.
  • These fees accrue when ILL items are 28 days late.
  • No refunds will be given after 6 months from the due date

Your Responsibilities

In using the library, it is your responsibility to understand and comply with all Goddard College  Library  policies as explained in this document. As a user, you are also responsible for all materials charged to your account. Borrowing materials for someone else with your card, loaning library materials charged to your account to another, or giving library materials to someone else to return for you,  does not alleviate your responsibility for such materials.

The library reserves the right to make policy changes at any time.

Eliot D. Pratt Borrowing Policy: Staff (PDF , 95 KB)

Revised 08/2013

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