The Goddard of today took shape in earnest in 1938, when a group of educators led by Royce “Tim” Pitkin proposed a Vermont College for Living” to be located on a Plainfield sheep farm purchased from the Martin family. This new college would provide the environment for students and faculty together to build a democratic community featuring plenty of the “plain living and hard thinking” espoused in Goddard’s early mission. The aims were far-reaching, radical. These aims still influence and, with some change in nomenclature and practice, aptly describe Goddard to this day. The original, 1938 Goddard College catalog described them this way:

  • Education for real living, through the actual facing of real life problems as an essential part of the educational program.
  • The study of vocation as part of living rather than as something different and an end in itself.
  • The integration of the life of the College with the life of the community, and the consequential breaking down of the barriers that separate school from real life.
  • The use of the community as a laboratory.
  • The participation of students in policy making and in the performance of work essential to maintenance and operation as part of the educational program.
  • The development of a religious attitude that is free from sectarianism recognizing that any activity which is pursued on behalf of an ideal end of universal worth is religious.
  • The provision of educational opportunities for adults.


Individualized Bachelor of Arts*

BA in Education, including study options in:

BA in Health Arts & Sciences*

BA in Psychology

BA in Sustainability

BFA in Creative Writing*

BFA in Socially Engaged Art*

*Degrees in the Undergraduate Degree Program include the Sexuality Studies Concentration option.


Individualized Master of Arts**

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, including concentrations in:

MA in Education, including study options in:

MA in Health Arts & Sciences**

MA in Psychology, including concentrations in:

MA in Social Innovation & Sustainability**

MFA in Creative Writing

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, including concentrations in:

**Degrees in the Goddard Graduate Institute include the Transformative Language ArtsConsciousness Studies, and Embodiment Studies Concentration options.