Goddard College News

February 2016

Congrats to Nikhil Goyal (IBA ’16)

The Goddard Undergraduate Program is thrilled to see Nikhil Goyal‘s work reaching the world in increasingly inspiring and powerful ways. Nikhil’s book, Schools on Trial, is being released on February 16, 2016 by Doubleday/ Random House Press. Nikhil has appeared on MSNBC and FOX and written for the New York Times, MSNBC, The Nation, and other publications. Goyal […]

December 2015

Jill Mattuck Tarule Elected Chair of Goddard Board

PLAINFIELD, Vt. – The Goddard College Board of Trustees elected Goddard alumna and longtime trustee Jill Mattuck Tarule as its new chair. Jill Mattuck Tarule is a University of Vermont Professor Emerita and, as dean of the College of Education and Social Services, was one of the university’s longest serving deans. Tarule is the recipient […]

November 2015

Story Documentation: Mark Anderson (IBA ’14)

Personal, political, fight against oppression From his one-bedroom in Denver, Colorado, Mark Anderson (IBA ’14), created a creative and imaginative podcast for his senior study. The podcast, called The Smallest Bone, presents an array of stories through short films. As an introduction and explanation to his work, Mark writes: “The smallest bone in the body is located in […]

Story Documentation: Micheline Aharonian Marcom (MFAW Faculty)

Personal, political, fight against oppression Micheline Aharonian Marcom (MFAW faculty) is working on an oral history website called The New American Story Project. The project is in part to accompany a novel she wrote, The New American, about a young Guatemalan-American college student who gets deported and then makes his way back to the U.S. […]

Story Documentation: Michele Clark (PSY Faculty)

Personal, political, fight against oppression Michele Clark (Psychology Program faculty) has started a story-based blog about being Jewish on the Lower East Side 1945 to 1960. It is called Rivington at Essex. Michele vulnerably and eloquently shares her experience as a New York Jew and historian of family, community, and meat. She writes: “Our grandfather, Zayde […]

Story Documentation: Matthew Dineen (IMA ’14)

Personal, political, fight against oppression Matthew Dineen (IMA ’14) created a very personal and political, Music & Work Project and related blog. Included in this music and labor/employee activism project is a nationwide tour and the publication of a zine: Not for You? Matthew is “a Massachusetts-born writer, musician, activist, and service worker. For the past 6 years, […]

Story Threads: Deborah Hickey (PSY Faculty)

Connection and Collaboration Deborah Hickey (Psychology Program faculty) shares that her creative research has contributed to the development of the workshop, Artful & Playful Expressions of Genograms, shared at the Expressive Therapies Summit in New York City. This workshop introduces participants to the value of exploring intergenerational story threads; workshops are accompanied by artful and playful […]

Story Threads: Karen Werner (Faculty) and Kristi Leora Gansworth (MFAW ‘12)

Connection and collaboration Karen Werner (Undergraduate Program faculty) is collaborating with Kristi Leora Gansworth (MFAW Port Townsend ‘12) to develop an audio and digital storytelling project titled “I Have Been Born at the Waterfall Many Times.” The piece is about colonization and water as a living relative, focusing on a sacred waterfall, Akikodjiwan (Chaudiere Falls), that […]

Story Threads: Gale Jackson (MFAIA Faculty)

Connection and collaboration Poet Gale Jackson (MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts faculty) is actively engaged in work that involves storytelling as practice and conduit for research. She has helped develop Storyteller in Residence / Poet in the House Collaborative for public school students in New York City. Says Gale: “Storytelling is our oldest site of pedagogy, wondering, […]

Story Map: Place as Story

Wendy Call (BFA in Creative Writing faculty) recently launched a map/place-based literary project that contains a collection of Sqebeqsed Stories. Wendy shares that these are the stories of Southeast Seattle’s Seward Park, home to the city’s last old-growth forest. Wendy notes that “place is a story happening many times,” or so say the Kwakiutl people of […]