December 2016

December 2016 Community News and Events

Experimental Music Pioneer Pauline Oliveros, guest artist at the MFAIA-WA in 2009, spent time with students, with explorations in Deep Listening in the Dan Harpole Cistern at Fort Worden. Image right: Pauline with Monique Fleming (MFAIA-WA ’11) and Stacy Dawson Stearns (MFAIA-WA ’12). Photos: Goddard College In Memory of Pauline Oliveros It is with sadness that […]

November 2016

Featured Alumna: Tracey Pilch (MFAIA ’07)

Artist and amateur astronomer Tracey Pilch (MFAIA ’07) is an adjunct professor in the Liberal Studies Department of Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, where she was honored as outstanding adjunct this year. She is also active in annual art projects which raise funds for local youth programs and charities in Alaska and Hawaii. “My time […]

October 2016

October 2016 Community News and Events

Hanna Satterlee and Eliot Gray Fisher, recipients of the Fall 2016 Goddard Alumni Art Project Awards. Photos courtesy of the artists Goddard Alumni Art Project Awards We are proud to announce alumna Hanna Satterlee (MFAIA-VT & WA ’16) and alumnus Eliot Gray Fisher (MFAIA–WA ’15), are the Fall 2016 recipients of the Goddard Alumni Art […]

September 2016

First MFAIA Group Study in Decolonial and Indigenous Art Practices

by Ju-Pong Lin MFAIA faculty advisor Devora Neumark and I offered a group study in Decolonial and Indigenous Art practice last semester. The co-learning experience was truly collaborative, transformative, and inspiring in the depth of the work of co-constructing collective knowledge. Participants engaged deeply with questions of decolonial practice and the challenges to indigenous well-being; we […]

August 2016

VIDEO: Petra Kuppers | Detroit Performs Clip

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts advisor Petra Kuppers was featured on Detroit Public TV’s show, Detroit Performs, for her community art work about disability and dance at the Northville Art House. “Art is the transformation of everyday into something else,” she says. Watch the 8-minute video clip above.  

August 2016 Community News and Events

Diego Piñón. Photo credit left: Rafael Perez Evans; right: courtesy of Diego Piñón. Diego Piñón, Upcoming MFAIA-WA Guest Artist and Centrum Artist-in-Resident We are pleased and privileged to welcome internationally renowned movement/dance artist Diego Piñón as our upcoming guest artist for the fall 2016 MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts residency at Fort Worden, Port Townsend (September 16-24, 2016). […]

May 2016

June 2016 Community News and Events

Photos courtesy of Friends of Aiyyana Maracle. Celebrating the Life of Aiyyana Maracle Former MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts student Aiyyana Maracle (MFAIA-VT ’03-’05) was a multi-disciplinary artist, scholar, educator, and a great-grandma four times over; a sovereign Haudenosaunee woman. For half a century, Aiyyana was actively involved with the merging of Ogwehoweh art and culture into the Euro-centric world […]

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Info Sessions May 13, 24 and June 1, 9, 2016

  MFA alumni transform their communities! Meet our alumni guests to hear about how the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts has made a difference in their careers and in their lives. We look forward to speaking with you and taking your questions. Video conference: May 13, 4:00pm (EDT) / 1:00pm (PDT) Phone conference: May 24, 6:30pm […]

MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Advanced Workshop in Performance Creation

This semester my colleague, Rachael Van Fossen, and I have been co-facilitating a group study titled Advanced Workshop in Performance Creation. While the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program is best known for offering a way for students to pursue self-directed learning in one-to-one dialogue with a faculty advisor, increasingly the program’s Vermont site is offering […]

April 2016

April 2016 Community News and Events

Left – Rising: Small World Map, detail of work in progress. Center – Sharon Siskin introduces graduates during the MFAIA-WA Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony. Right – Where There is Life — mirror, wood, herbs, seeds, 62”x 66” 12”, 1994. Photos courtesy of Sharon Siskin.  Activities with Sharon Siskin MFAIA-WA Faculty Advisor Sharon Siskin recently exhibited an installation entitled: Where There […]