MFA in Creative Writing News and Achievements

April 2018

Goddard College MFA in Creative Writing Program Announces Publication: Alchemy of the Word (2nd Edition)

Goddard College is pleased to announce the 2018 release of a new edition of Alchemy of the Word: Writers Talk About Writing, published by GenPop Books. This anthology consists of thirty essays by faculty members in Goddard’s MFA in Creative Writing Program. All were originally delivered as keynote or commencement addresses between 2000 and 2018. […]

March 2018

Goddard College and North American PEN Centers Partner for Creative Writing Scholarships

The Goddard College / PEN North America partnership provides one $10,000 scholarship to an MFA applicant in Creative Writing who is a member of PEN America, PEN Canada, or PEN Mexico. Additionally, North American PEN members who are admitted to Goddard’s MFA in Creative Writing Program, but who do not receive the Goddard/PEN North American […]

January 2018

December Achievements

Faculty: MFAW-WA faculty member ​Bhanu Kapil gave a talk at the British Columbia Nurses’ Union annual human rights and equity conference, in Vancouver. She spoke on themes related to foreign life and care.  Copies of Bhanu’s Schizophrene were distributed as door prizes by the organizers. MFAW-VT faculty member Kenny Fries has six poems included in 12 Poetas:  Antologia de Neuvos […]

December 2017

November Achievements

Faculty: MFAW-VT faculty member Kenny Fries‘s recently published In the Province of the Gods was chosen by Passport Magazine as a Best Gift Book for 2017. Catapult published “Meeting MM:  On Friendship and Disability in Japan,” an adapted excerpt from the book. Another excerpt was published at Accessible Japan.  The Japan Times, Japan’s leading English language newspaper, […]

November 2017

October Achievements

Faculty: MFAW-VT faculty member Rahna Reiko Rizzuto presentated Imagining Hiroshima “That Day Now,” an interdisciplinary symposium on the effects of the atomic bomb on post WWII Japanese culture, celebrating Keiko Ogura, survivor and founder of the Hiroshima Interpreters for Peace.  The event was sponsored by the Japan Foundation and hosted at Syracuse University. ​MFAW-WA faculty member Victoria Nelson […]

October 2017

September Achievements

Faculty: MFAW-WA faculty member Bhanu Kapil was commissioned by The Guardian to re-write selected tweets by Donald Trump for an article, “Trump in 280.”  Bhanu is included in the Poetry Foundation‘s article, “DACA Rescinded & Poets Respond.”  Her work appears in three anthologies this fall:  Divergent Trajectories: Interviews with Innovative Fiction Writers (Ohio State University Press); Atlantic Drift: an Anthology […]

September 2017

Goddard College Faculty Kenny Fries Featured in New York Times

Goddard College MFAW Faculty Kenny Fries‘s article “The Nazis’ First Victims Were the Disabled” appeared in the New York Times and the Sunday Review (09/13/2017). Here is an excerpt: “I sit facing the young German neurologist, across a small table in a theater in Hamburg, Germany. I’m here giving one-on-one talks called “The Unenhanced: What […]

August Achievements

Faculty: MFAW-WA faculty member Micheline Aharonian Marcom, in collaboration with artist/writer Fowzia Karimi, will publish The Brick House this fall.  The book will be published by Awst Press. In commemoration of the 72nd anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bombing, The Progressive published MFAW-VT faculty member Kenny Fries’s “A Healing Tree: Remembering Hiroshima,” which is an adapted excerpt from In the […]

August 2017

July Achievements

Faculty: MFAW-VT faculty member Kenny Fries‘s In the Gardens of Japan, a poem sequence, has been published by Garden Oak Press.  The poems are a companion to In the Province of the Gods,  which will be published by University of Wisconsin Press in September. Alumni and students: MFAW-VT alumna Laurel Radzieski‘s first poetry collection, Red Mother, will be published […]

June 2017

June Achievements

Faculty: MFAW-VT faculty member Kenny Fries gave three talks in Sofia, Bulgaria.  He presented “Stumbling over History:  Aktion T4 and the Holocaust” at Shalom Bulgaria and “Disability History and Disability Rights in the United States” and “Extraordinary Bodies:  Disability Representation in Literature, Film, Visual Art, and Performance” at Sofia University. The talks were sponsored by the Bulgarian […]