Story Voice: Meta Commerse (BA HAS ‘01, MA EDU ‘02, MFAW ‘11)

Transformation, healing, and elevation of self and others

metaMeta Commerse is an alumna with three degrees from Goddard (BA HAS ‘01, MA EDU ‘02, MFAW ‘11) and she has a company called Story Medicine, that publishes books, videos, gives workshops, and presentations on using the power of story to heal. It is a community-based intervention project
Meta is a native Chicagoan, raised in the black arts movement.  She is daughter of two artists, award-winning author of six books and one play, all focused on family violence prevention and healing.  She is an adjunct Professor of history and English in Asheville, North Carolina, the mother of three children, and grandmother of three grandsons.  Her first novel is entitled, The Mending Time.  
Watch her in ‘It’s All About Love: A One-Woman Story Medicine Performance’ below:

Note: an abridgment of this story appears in the article, “Is Activism Dead?” in the Clockworks FallWinter 2015 issue on page 10.

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