Magical Evening at Cabaret

Born from the inspiration of the INTERsections exhibit, Cabaret for the fall semester of 2012 was the manifestation of collaborative efforts between students and faculty, to showcase the immense talent and passion of Goddard students, in a harmoniously concise format. 

Mahogany Browne introduced the concept of the juke joint format, with several stages, throughout the theatre. 

We had spotlight action and wireless microphones stationed across the space.  We had the synergy of active participation, and sheer will, to chisel and refine the process. 

Nestled within the drive of creativity is the desire to amplify all of creation.  Cabaret is our opportunity, as Goddard students, to exhibit and experience the spectrum of our collective creative brilliance.  With a bit of awareness, some attention to detail, and the fire of a passionate heart, we co-cultivated the space within which to showcase our abundance.

-This blog post was submitted by Goddard College student, Amber McZeal (IBA ’15).

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