Alum Flies High in Adventure Education

Justin Moynihan (IBA ’13)
Justin Moynihan (IBA ’13)

Justin Moynihan (IBA ’13) sent in news of his job as the Adventure Education Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona. If you know Justin, you know what a perfect fit this job is for him. As one of Justin’s advisors at Goddard, I know. I witnessed Justin’s profound experiences as a mountain climber and his in-depth, creative explorations of leadership and risk.
Justin explains how his Goddard learning prepared him for his role as Adventure Education Coordinator:
Putting my degree to use right away felt validating…We opened a new facility in September of 2014, including a 53′ indoor climbing wall and the launch of a slew of outdoor adventure programs including activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, standup paddleboard, backpacking, and waterlining (slacklining over the pool).  My job is steeped in manuals, surveys, proposals and memos; these are the tools with which I push “high risk” programs through the bureaucratic stronghold of the California State University administration so that they can be actualized… The writing endurance I developed in my three years at Goddard makes the day-in day-out of my job feel pretty mellow. 
Without my experiences at Goddard…I doubt that I’d have the fine-tuned ability to argue within a university setting and make ridiculously fun programs happen.  Having creatively and academically explored Adventure Education and Leadership while at Goddard allows me now to communicate the purpose of exposure and risk to administrators.  I am currently working on a proposal for a 200′ long Tyrolean traverse between two building roof tops on campus, and it is looking like the program is going to fly.
Here’s to your high flying, Justin!

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