MFAW-VT Student Sam Rebelein’s Short Story Publication

MFAW-VT student Sam Rebelein’s short story “What Are We Going to Do to You: An Oral Essay to My Newborn Daughter Through the Window of the Maternity Ward at 3 AM” has been published in Every Day Fiction. 
A preview:
Your mom actually likes her family. I was just thinking about that. It was thee first thing I loved about her. I loved how simple it seemed, and how much it made me ache.
See, we met at a bar. Tried to light this conversation together. The phrase people usually use, obviously, is, “We struck up a conversation”. But I don’t think that’s quite right. Because it brings a match to mind. That sudden, beautifully pungent burst of flame as you strike it. There was nothing sudden or beautiful about the way Amy, your mom, and I began. I was too guarded and unsynchronized. Too awkward. Like somebody fumbling as they pull a match out of the box, sweating with the effort.
Eventually, we struck. Or she struck me, I think.