MFAW-VT Student Janet Colson’s Play

MFAW-VT student Janet Colson’s short play “Janet and Rico’s Fabulous (Fictional) Adventure at Golden Harvest” was performed at Lansing’s Renegade Theatre Festival as a part of the Renegade Ruckus, a 24-hour playwriting marathon. Janet’s play was the final play of the festival and is being considered for an encore performance at the next City Pulse “Pulsar Awards”.
From the press release:
The Renegade Theatre Festival added a new event for 2018 – the RENEGADE RUCKUS! The Ruckus is a 24-hour free-for-all of play writing and performing madness. The Ruckus provided prompts to writers to develop a 10 minute play utilizing four actors in just twelve hours. Those freshly birthed plays were immediately handed off to 5 teams to rehearse and perform just 24 hours after the writers received their marching orders.

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